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Second Cycle, Running Tren E and Test E

I’m starting my second cycle tomorrow first cycle was test e 600 eq 600 for 16 weeks
This cycle I’m going to be running test e at 150 and tren e at 200 for 10 weeks
Iv read a lot of people reccomend against running tren second cycle but I wanna give it try also I know that a lot of people reccomend running tren a first tren cycle but I like the idea of only pinning twice a week and having more stable levels
Any suggestions please dont be an asshole I know theres gonna be some of you that think I’m an idiot for one reason or another but save it just need advice putting me down serves no purpose other then to feed your own ego.

Let me translate through the snowflake talk—

I know I have been told not to use tren for the next cycle but I am a big boy and I do what I want. I dont care what you say.

I do not think you are an idiot, just immature. Are you about 24-26 range?

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Im 32

Didn’t you run a 14 week cycle beginning of March? Wouldn’t that put you ending your PCT only a couple weeks ago?

Have you had post cycle, post PCT labs done? Do you even know if you’ve recovered ?

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He was the one that was told he should drop the EQ and just run Test. So he upped them both to 600. Now hes asking for advice after he has already shown a tendency to not give a fuck what he is told anyways. He wont get much help.

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I remember that post, but even worse, he mathematically can’t be but a week or two finished from PCT, and is starting a Tren cycle tomorrow, lol.

OP, you said in your other post you gained 30lbs, but I guarantee that isn’t keepable lean muscle. Give your body a few months to bounce back, make sure bloods are good, AND see what your body actually maintains and keeps from your first cycle.


This statement right here besides being completely inaccurate tells me all I need, to know that you have no business using tren.

Didn’t do pct crused on 150mg test

Gotcha. Didn’t see mention of being on TRT. My bad.

Your right I felt I’d be fine and i was i got a lot out of it gained 30 pounds and am still at 14%bodyfat with no side but a little acne and sweating at night

You dont have to lie to me. I wont know the difference nor will I care. There is no need to justify what you want to do. You aren’t going to listen to what people tell you like last time, so why in the fuck are you here?

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Your right I have no reason to lie i dont know you so your opinion of me means nothing just stating the facts started at 180 14% bodyfat ended up at 210 14% bodyfat

lol You might be just one of the dumbest dudes I have seen post on here.

You expect me to or anyone else to believe that you started at 10% bf then put on 30lbs and moved up to only 14% bf.

So you put on 30 lbs of pure lean muscle in 3 months with no added fat?

Wherever you say Dr. Tony hughes


I do take people’s advice and I apply what I feel aswell if we all took everyone’s opinions and did exactly what they said we’d all be the same. I appreciate very much a friendly conversation about the topics I post but that dosnt mean I’m going to do exactly what people say I took the advice of getting blood work I took the advice of having an ai on hand and I ended up using it to combat the acne I got it helped I use the advice I felt I could handle the dose I took and I didn’t start at that dose I gradually ramped it up till I felt it was right.
This is why I said please dont be an asshole because for what ever reason people on here like to treat people like dirt for mot knowing everything like your supposed to be born with the knowledge a lot of this shit is like a science experiment and you dont really know till you do it. One guy can do just fine on a dose another won’t be. So save ur lectures please all I want is a conversation about the topic I dont need judgment from you or anyone.

Exactly what I was thinking.

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Its possible that the bodyfat percentage is inaccurate but yes I put on 30 pounds that’s a fact

Shit i can put on 30 in 4 weeks pounds dont mean anything. Lean muscle mass is what counts. I promise you nor anyone else is putting on 30lbs of muscle in 3 months.
Especially with just some test and eq lol.

You need to educate yourself not only on steroids before you hurt yourself but also on kinesiology and myology to get a better understanding of how exercise affects muscles and how muscles grow etc. your coming on a forum sounding really ignorant and are suprised at the “ass hole” responses you get when you ignore the good information that’s being given to you because it doesn’t validate your ideas

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I’ll do some research on kinesiology and myology have never heard of those from my understanding of running a cycle its eat to your goals and do blood work to be sure you dont get in a bad spot monitore blood pressure and have a proper work out plan to also pertains to your goals
My question to all of you is do you think my proposed cycle sounds ridiculous or do those doses sound like a good plan I’m not perfect nor do I think I am if I did I wouldn’t come here I’m here to learn from those who have done what I’m going to do iv come a long way and I’m still learning I feel the best way to learn is hands on reading helps but theres nothing like actually doing it. Did I put on 30 pounds of only muscle no I think at best I put on 20 and 10 pounds of fat and possibly the shit machine I use that tells you your body fat % dousbt work I know that putting on 30 pounds of muscle in 4 months is outrageous. And yes I’m a newbie at doing cycles I want to learn and I do research and read all the time about it and I’d like some help from you guys I just dont need the ridiculing just be straight up is it a stupid cycle I’m proposing should I wait to do tren if I do t wait and decide to do it now is it going to ruin me what your opinion of it that what i wanna know.

People have told you that your first proposed cycle was not smart, and people have told you that your second proposed cycle was not smart. You say you want to know if your second cycle sounds ridiculous, and from everyone’s response, you should have an answer. However, it’s not the answer you want to hear.

Plenty of people on here are incredibly helpful to help in the journey of AAS, but you haven’t seemed to take even the slightest bit of advice.

I highly doubt you gained 20lbs of muscle. You gained water, fat, and some muscle. You’ve also only been off of your cycle for 6 weeks now?
Have you decided on TRT for life now? Or is this cruise you’re doing just a way to bridge two cycles together?