Second Cycle, Red Injection Site & Headache/Nausea

So the situation is the following, in the past i’ve done a 500mg/week test cycle, everything mostly went ok. I don’t remember having any issues, hell, i think i didn’t even need an AI during cycle, gained a couple of KGs, mainted some.

Few years forward, i just began my second cycle. Plan this time was to use 300mg/week test in addition to 200mg/week Primobolan, 500mg/week of stuff in total. Very conservative cycle but as i understand, the more i get out of less is better.

I scheduled it in the folloiwng way, i would start with test only, see how it goes for 3-4 weeks and then add in Primobolan for the rest of the cycle. This way i could gouge the side effects of a new substance, if any. The whole cycle would be somewhere around 16 weeks. Caviat is that i’m doing it all Sub Q, i can not do IM, i just can’t. The way i see it, it’s just absorbed a little slower than IM and that’s about it.

So 2 days ago, i did my first Sub Q Testestorone injection (enanthate 150mg). On the second day, the injection site got red, a bit hot and irritated. From what i understood, this is a pretty common occurance when injecting Testestorone Sub Q, but i don’t really remember experiencing this on my first cycle. I do not think it could’ve been infected unless there was some lame shit in the gear, i’ve cleaned the site/bottle with alcohol, used new needels. I think the gear was ok as well, the verificiation codes checked out online, they were reasonably priced and the source seemed reputableish.

Third day (today), i got a mild headache, i have brain fog/nausia at work and the site is still red and irritated/hurting a bit, it hasn’t gotten worse or expanded, however. I do not seem to have a fever either.
I’m a 26 year old healthy male, so this low dose of test (especially conisiderng prior experience) giving me sides, caught me a bit off guard and got me concerned.I don’t live in EU/USA, doctors here do not have a clue what testestorone is and i don’t really want to talk to them about geat use either. I’m just looking for advice weather if this is common occurance perhaps to new/different oils or this is something to be concerned about e.g. after a week?

Should i go ahead with my second injection tomorrow and observe and if the shit gets worse i just full abort and shank the source?

It might be the carrier oil or the solvents used in the production process. I assume you’re using 300mg/ml test? This concentration itself could give you pip.
Another issue is the amount of oil your pinning sub q. 1/2ml is what I’m assuming and I think that’s a bit much. What are you gonna do when you add primo? There’s no way you’re gonna be able to inject all that oil sub q.
Imo I would learn to inject im if you wanna keep doing this.


Reduce the injection size and up the frequency. I’ve found similar issues depending on carrier oil. Keep in mind the first few injections usually cause this the worst. If you have another trusted source maybe give that testosterone a try.


If this is a fear thing, I’d encourage you to get over it. IM injections hurt less than SubQ in general. The exception is virgin muscle might give you pip for a few weeks. You don’t have to use giant needles to do IM either. I have done 1/2" 27 gauge needles shots in my delts and lats (prefer the lats).

TBH, I can’t tell when the needle goes into the muscle (even with 1" needles). 90% of the pain is breaking the skin with the needle.

I do get where you are coming from though. I also did TRT and my first cycle with SubQ. I didn’t want to do IM, as it seemed intimidating. It isn’t once you do it one or two times. I had lots of welts with SubQ. For the volumes you are doing, think about doing EOD or ED shots to help with lowering the volume.

I got a chuckle out of “reputablish”. Sometimes that is the best you can do, when starting out. I’d do things like inspecting the vials for particles (don’t use them if they have them). I’d also do very small injections with a new source. That way if it is bad, I only injected a tiny amount.

Might be related, but a lot of stuff is going around right now. I recently got almost exactly those symptoms. I don’t think it was gear related, just something going around. Could be “Test Flu” too, but I kinda doubt it with how much you took. You may not handle the solvents or carrier oil?


Personally I would never inject UGL product SQ; who knows if they got the BB/BA right. That shit is going to cause tons of inflammation and irritation.


Thank you, it is indeed 300mg/mL, i will try delt shots with an insulin needle next.

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Thank you, very solid advice.

I see, so IM would be safer in this case? Once this situation is resolved, i will try an IM injection into the delt with an 0.5 inch insulin needle.

It will still prob be sore at first as it is virgin muscle. Will get better over time as you use the muscle more. Make sure you are rotating sites. I never use the same site more than once a week.

Saf-er, yes. That doesn’t mean completely safe. You’ll likely get some inflammation either way

I started TRT with an iron deficiency, headaches, nausea were my first symptoms.