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Second Cycle Questions - Test/Tren/Anavar

I’ll give a bit of a bio first
I’m 25 years old
6.0’ 180 pounds 18%bf
Work construction as a carpenter and lift 4+ days a week
My first cycle was testE 200mg e3d 1-12w and whinny 50mg ed 1-6w this was over a year ago and I likes the gains I got but want to hit the 200 pound be jan 2020, my diet is solid now and has been for a while.

So this cycle I just started today and this is why it’s looking like and I wondering if anyone can confirm that it’s on point or needs tweaking
Test e 125mg e3d 1-12w
Tren ace 100mg eod 1-10w
Anavar 40mg ed 1-7w
After week 2 I’ll be taking armidex e3d to keep gyno in check
Nolvadex for a pct from weeks 14-18

So I have a few questions

Should I keep my test and tren at the same levels?

Should I up my test to 500mg a week?

Should i up my tren to 500mg a week?

And also should I get caber to keep prolactin in check?

I think test should be kept as low as possible for this cycle to prevent any test sides and the need for an AI.

Thats completely up to you. I’m not big into lecturing people on what drugs they shouldn’t or should put in thier body. Assuming you know all the possible baggage tren comes with only you can make this decision.

You should have alrehad this on hand before the cycle. Or atleast vitamin b6 my understanding is that can help keep prolactin low at high doses. Cmon man you know this or atleast should if your using tren.

I probably would have saved this for the end of cycle.

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I can get caber over night it’s not a big deal and I can save the var for the end, If that would be better. and I have the AI on hand for the test side effects so I will get caber asap for the tren, I know the sides of tren and that’s why I’m trying to be careful on my dosages. And get advice from more experienced people! Thanks!

I’m not experienced in tren let me throw that out real quick. But I know a few buddies who are and my logic is why run test any higher then it needs to be when using something as strong as tren? I’d personally keep the test at a trt dose I’d probably also use proviron or mast with a tren cycle. I’m not sure I’d use the caber off bat I’d. Probably get bloods drawn 4 weeks in then make that decision. And my reason for var at the end is kinda bro sciency. But I think it will have more of a noticeable impact at the end. That’s my opinion on most dry DHTs like var or winny.

Alright sounds good I will get caber to have on hand for sure and I planned on getting blood work done around that time to check up on everything, thanks a ton

No amount of tren is going to fix your diet.


I know that my diet is great now and has been for quite a while I’m leaning out on my own now so I’m on the right path

You sure about that? Based on those numbers you shouldn’t be. You weight the same as me, have the same bf, but are four inches taller. And I look…fine, but certainly not good enough to be using tren. What were your stats before your first cycle?

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My last cycle was over a year ago and my stats were similar when I started it as they are now after I was around 14%bf 190ish after the water retention left. But then I’ll admit life happened went through a rough break up and stopped working out diet was shot for over a year. 2 month ago I was 190 22% bf so my diet and workout routine has been working good down 10 pounds and 4%bf. Now I want to do another cycle and this is what I’ve researched and wanted to do. Any reason I shouldn’t be using tren?

this is me currently I know I’m not in perfect shape but that’s why I’m doing this.

Because everything you want to accomplish can be done with a simple test cycle and a disciplined diet. And sure, throw in the anavar. It’s an excellent compound and it’s mild enough that there’s very little downside. Though I’d run it higher than 40mg. 50+ for UGL stuff.

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Ok I get what your saying now brother, I will take that into consideration. Maybe I’ll save the tren for next cycle.

You should. It’s not for us normal guys. The risk profile is higher, so it should really only be used when other avenues have been exhausted. And look, I’ve been where you are. I’ve had the rough patches, the weight gain, the weight loss, the desire to find that shortcut. I get it. But if your diet and training are good—and you say they are and I’ll twke you at your word—then you can get where you want to go without taking unnecessary risks.

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Just a 1 week update I decided to keep the tren in my cycle for now I’m starting to take vitamin b6 for prolactin but this far everything has been great havent had an issue but I figured better safe then sorry. My endurance is up a bit no bad sides at all. I find my muscles are alot more dense. And I feel really really good like my attitude is always go go go hard to explain

zero need for gear let alone tren to hit 200lbs at 6’0 .
Just read around the site and do a Thib or Paul Carter program, + eat a ton of clean food and you can get there practically overnight.
Realistically just do low dose Test, thats it.

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Yeah I get that but that’s my minimum goal, 220 would be fantastic. I understand I’m not as experienced as most of you guys on here but I have a decent trainer now that I’m going to work with for the next 3 or 4 weeks. (Who is also very experienced with gear) and see where that takes me.