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Second Cycle Proposal


Hey guys, so this is my first post in the pharma section of the forums. I got a new account so that my posts on here can't be linked to me, on account of me being a college athlete and i'm a little paranoid about getting caught. I don't plan on using AAS to help my athletic performance in college, but rather in my powerlifting and strongman career. So, I'm a 21 year old college thrower, with a background in raw powerlifting and strongman, with 7 years of lifting under my belt. I'm 6'2" 245 at about 17% BF. best lifts are 595/345/635 with a 325 overhead.

I have one cycle of ph's and one cycle of aas under my belt. I just got done with my first cycle about a month ago, which consisted of 8 weeks of cyp at 500mg with some dbol at 40mg the last 4 weeks and a pct of nolva. the cycle went great, i gained 7 pounds of solid mass, and my lifts got a pretty good bump from it too. I enjoyed it so much that im already planning my next cycle, even though it wont be til next summer.

For this next cycle, I'd like to lean out a little bit and harden up and get stronger, so i can compete in a powerlifting comp at the end of next summer at 220. I have two different cycles to propose, mainly because i've heard different things about different hormones and want to get some other opinions.

Heres the first proposal:

Weeks 1-14: Test-e 500mg split into 2 doses
Weeks 1-13: EQ 600mg split into 2 doses
Weeks 9-14: Anavar 60mg ED
Weeks 1-14: Arimidex .5mg EOD

Start PCT two weeks after last test inj. Running nolva 40/40/20/20

however, i've heard that EQ has little to no effect, so i've been iffy about running it. i've considered front-loading it, but im not too sure. Some advice would be great. But since i've heard bad things, i've considered this:

Second Proposal-

Weeks 1-12 Test-e 750mg split into two doses
Weeks 7-12 Anavar 60mg ED
Weeks 1-12 Arimidex .5mg EOD

then same PCT for the other cycle proposal.

I also have access to dbol, adrol, winny, and clen, so if you have any better suggestions for hardening up and getting stronger, let me know. thanks for reading.


Have you considered bulking with tren? Run half gram of test and 50mg Tren ED and just eat like mad. Itll be hard to gain too much fat, just lean hard mass. Also throw some proviron in their at 50mg ED and finish up with var at 100mg ED


i would go for that, but i dont wanna use tren on my second cycle, ive heard some insane stories about it, both good and bad. i plan on using it some day, but i'm gonna wait til i have a couple more cycles under my belt


I like your second proposal better.

here is what I would do if I were going to run a long estered compound like Test E.

Weeks 1-10
Test E 750mg split in 2 doses with a 1.5 gram frontload first week.

weeks 1-12 adex .5mg Eod

weeks 1-5 dbol 50mg ED

weeks 9-beginning of pct winstrol 75mg ED

2 weeks after last injection, nolva 40/40/20/20


Hmm, i really like this cycle. But do you think the strength gains from the dbol would carry over all the way through to the end of the cycle while running winny? i know you get mild strength gains from winstrol but im just wondering.


Yes..dbol is an amazing drug for strength and size. Im not sure if I simply react really well to it, but my strength went absolutely through the roof at 50mg ED.


your Terrelle Pryor arnt you :slightly_smiling:


haha yes, i'm definitely pryor. but any other suggestions?