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Second Cycle Polishing... Advice

Ok so im starting my second aas cycle, the first was a dbol/tbol stack which gave crazy strength gains, but hardly any were kept. Im 6’3, 270. I play DT in football and have a full scholly next year so i need to jumpstart some serious strength. Recent body fat test put me at 16.7, which is not that high for my weight. Max lifts for thsoe who care, bench 315, squat 455, frontsquat 345, deadlift 495, and powerclean 150kg or 330lbs. I need to keep my speed training in high gear as i run a 5.05, which is a lil slower than id like. my cycle is as follows.

W 1-10 TEST ENTH 250mg E3D
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg ED
W 2-10 HCG 250 iu E3D
W 12 Nolva 40mg ED
W 13-14 Nolva 20 mg ED

You guys see any problems???

Being an already big guy bloat is not a concern but id like to keep it in check. I would also like to know what gauge needles for IM and SC injections. i can get 22 or 25 for IM and 29 or 30 for SC. Thanks in advance guys.

Either one of those needle choices will be fine. Wait until week 13 to start nolva.

That dose of adex will likely be lots taken EOD rather than ED. Increase if needed.

Id also look heavily into detection times of whatever you do indeed choose to use. As a slight increase in kept strength or size is not worth putting a free ride at rick.

I’m not really a fan of young guys taking anything at all to be honest. But you’ve already done a cycle, and you’re going to do this one, so to me it looks good.

I’d second what Lillguy said about waiting for nolva, AND checking for clearance times on drug tests. Don’t risk your future.

I think you’ll be fine on 0.25 mg adex EOD. You can always increase it if you need, but that should definitely be enough for a basic cycle like this.

thanks for the input. I think i might just drop the hcg cause this is not a hefty cycle at all. what about adding some dbol or tbol, 40 mg/60mg respectively. Have gotten lean gains off tbol and serious size of dbol so i might just do that.