Second Cycle Planning

Hi guys, I’m planning my second cycle. My first one was on 2015, and it was only Test-E, however, this time I want to add two compounds, which will be Boldenone and Test-P. The weekly schedule will be like this:
1-13: Test-E 500mg/w, EQ 400mg/w both compounds divided in two shots, taken simultaneously.
14-15 Test-P 100mg/EOD

To support my HPTA , I’ll take 500iu of HCG weekly, divided on 2 shots of 250iu, since day 1, or 250iu EOD, still not convinced by the total weekly intake of 1000iu.
For estrogens, I’ll take .25mg anastrozole also starting on day 1.

PCT will start on week 16, and it will be:
16-19 Tamoxifen 29mg/ED, Anastrozole .25mg/EOD

Once PCT is finished, I’ll cruise on Anastrozole .25/EOD for 2 or 3 more weeks.

I’m not including any oral steroids because I’m not interested in "kickstarting” my cycle with something like D-Bol, mostly because I’m looking for lean retainable gains. Also I don’t want to hurt my liver.
I picked EQ over Deca, for the same lean gains reasons, and the progesterone related issues, I’ve also read about more than annoying sides from Caber.
Test-P for the final 2 weeks, for me to allow my body to break down most of EQ and Enanthate, while still on the short estered test, for a smoother transition into PCT.
I’d like to read some opinions or suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

I edited some stuff in the main post, mainly because I decided to make it a 15 week long cycle (previously 14), taking into consideration the half lives of EQ and Test-E for PCT transition.
I think it looks alright, but about the AI, someone suggested to start intake on the 3rd pin of Test, and to stop intake at the end of week 1 of PCT, because too much AI would possibly make my estrogents crash. I’m not sure about that, I originally planned PCT, AI and HCG according to KSman suggestions on this forum.