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Second Cycle Planning

hi all- I am 31 and i have been training for 13 years. I am 6’3’’ and 232lbs. I normally sit around 240 at 10-12 percent. After a short layoff my bodyfat is around 15%. I am going to get it down before my second cycle. My first was a test only. 500mg a week. I eat 7 meals a day including post workout. Protien is at 50g each meal, fat is at 25 grams for three of those meals. Carbs are at 200 on training days 100 on nontraining days. My second cycle is gear towards lean gains.

Let me know your thoughts:
12 wks
1-6 600mg/wk test cyp
7-12 250mg/wk test cyp 300mg/wk primo
1-12 300mg/wk EQ
1-12 20mg/day nolva
1-12 250iu every 3rd day HcG


Cycle looks fine; unless you’re REALLY gyno prone, you can drop the Nolva dosage to 10mg each day. You also better have an AI on hand (Armi / asin).

Your diet seems a bit whack… what does a typical day of eating average out to be?

I would keep the same amount of test throughout , or even bump it up a bit.

EQ will give you a nice boost in appetite, vascularity and endurance.

If you can afford more primo I would run more

I prefer an AI over a SERM for on cycle support.

Other than that looks, I anything though, keep the test at 600mg throughout at least

Thank you for the responses! My diet is the way it is to cut down a little before starting this cycle. I do not handle carbs well at all. Really appreciate the help fellas.

Keep test atleast 600mg entire cycle

Keep test atleast 600mg entire cycle

Wk 1-12
500-600mg/wk Cyp

Wk 1-10
800-1000mg/wk EQ

Keep Test same dose throughout cycle. Don’t see reason behind lowering it. Took out Primo cause that dose is low and since it is expensive you’re better off buying more EQ so you can eat a little more. 200 carbs on training days? That sounds like my PWO shake, seriously. Aim for 1.5-2.5g per lb of protein. 1.5 being the absolute minimum cause you had a shitty day or something. Everything else is fine. Good luck.


thank you, i appreciate the response.