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Second Cycle Planning


So I am enjoying my first cycle so much I am getting ready to order everything I need to run a second. I will do the correct pct and down time of course.
My current cycle and stats.
week 1-5 500ml test cyp
week 6-10 500ml sustanon
week 1-10 .25 adex EOD
week 13-16 tamoxifen 40/40/20/20
weight 185lbs
height 5'11"

My question is what would be the best cycle I could run for a second round?


10 weeks test cyp at 750mg with a dbol start


10 weeks test cyp at 750mg with a dbol start


Sounds simple enough. 750mg is what I was hoping for. Didnt want to push to hard. Asking the Pros. Thanks again!
Any other opinions?


what are you running this cycle?


One new compound per cycle is a good way to go. I am assuming you mean mg and not ml on your current cycle...


I second that if you are happy with what you did and feel good/no sides.


how were your gains on this cycle?