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Second Cycle Planning


27 years old
4-5 years training steady
Cycle 1: 500mg/w sust pinned/eod, .5 arimidex eod, PCT nolva 40/40/20/20
Weight: 210lbs
BF no idea.
(kinda threw in a VAR only cycle for 6 weeks about 5 months after that as well 70mg ed)

So here is my next proposed cycle:

Weeks 1-4 - Dbol 50mg ED /.5 Arimidex Eod
Weeks 1-10 - Test E 500 mg (250 2x a/week) / .25 Arimidex EOD
PCT weeks 12 -16 - Nolva 40/40/20/20/10

1) Does the cycle look ok?

2) How is Dbol on your libido weeks 1-4 and also after the test kicks in how is it. Im had great libdo on SUST and I would rather avoid have it plummet. (Var kinda killed it around week 5)

3) Having done a test cycle already at this MG : How likely is hair loss when adding DBOL, as I have had no problems thus far.

4)Given my proposed aridimdex doses should my water bloat be in check? (and not regoddamndiculous

5) Are there any other side effects I should be aware of?



cycle looks good.

I would add winstrol from week 8-start of pct 50-100mg ED

My libido didn't suffer at all on Dbol, cant say anything about the hair thing though :confused:


Its usually anadrol (oxymetholone) that is associated with hair loss as its a DHT-derivative where Dbol is derived from testosterone.


Idk just by forum hunting, a lot of guys seem to have hair loss issues with it from what i've been reading.. Im just wondering at my dosage and time frame of 4 weeks should I be concerned..


Bump..... Any other input or concerns? Dosage look oK?


PCT starts week 13.

I feel awesome on Dbol, like fucking King Kong in the gym and just a better mood all around. The Anavar killed your libido because it shut you down and you weren't taking any Test with it. You will feel awesome with Sus + Dbol.

The hair loss varies greatly from person to person, depending if it runs in your family. My dad is 60 with a full head of hair and only a tiny bit of gray, and I haven't had any issues at all. If it worries you get some finasteride or something.