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Second Cycle Planning...


So im 27 220 lbs
been training approx 5 years.
Im currently 4 weeks post Sust only cycle and still in pct( 500MG /w 10 weeks shot m-w-f)
I put on approx 20 lbs on my last cycle with no real sides at all. 4 weeks after the cycle (2 weeks into pct nolva 40/40/20/20) I am prob down 5 lbs maybe water and a little fat due to upping my cardio. So prob a solid 15 lb muscle gain

I want to plan my next cycle in march now. I have Test E enough to run 750 MG a week with time..
As well as access pretty much anything anyone may suggest

I was going to run test E 750 MG a week (1000mg front load) with liquidex .5mg EOD, but i would like to stack it with something for this cycle. What is my best option (dbol, EQ, Prop, deca?).

I currently have 1- 10ML vial of deca(300mg/ml) And have access to more if need be.

-Would test E and deca be a good stack choice? and if so how much deca do i need fo it to be effective?

  • Also I am very worried about the possible ED effects from deca due to how hard it shuts you down, so is there a better alternative?

  • I also have would be open to sust again or Test C if there is a reason I should run either instead during a stack

  • Also i have heard i need to run deca at least 15 weeks to be effective. I would rather just do another 10 week cycle..

So any and all input on a good solid relatively basic 2nd cycle (10 weeks) would be appreciated... Having said all that this being only my second cycle is it wise to just stick with the test only at 750/w


I vote for test only again. Figure out your upper limit for test then start adding other drugs. Its simpler and usually cheaper.

Second choice would be an 8 week cycle of test and dbol. frontloaded test. dbol for 8 weeks startinng in week 2. Finish the dbol the day before pct starts


Thnx man.. Im thinking just test again myself. It worked well and i felt great on it.. Soo what is your recommendation Test E or Cyp... And is 750 a good amount for cycle 2?


-Also from 2 weeks post pct. my goal is going to be to cut BF. Before my next cycle.. I could def stand to lose 15 lbs... Is there anything i can run with the test to trim the LBS as well as make good gains. I realize the test at 750 to 1000 should lean me out anyway But is there any other options?


e and cyp are the same. 5,6,700 is fine. Youll make gains. 750 is a simple number to work with.

the second post I dont really understand. Explain it better please


You could run the test E with Winstrol or Mast. for cutting+maintaining. You can read more about both of those in FuriousGeorge's newb sticky. I noticed a substantial difference between 500mg and 750mg of Test per week. I would definitely see how you fare at 750 before jumping to 1g...especially if you are thinking about adding a second compound.


Yea re-reading it i realize it didn't make much sense.. I guess what Im trying to say is: What are my best option to lose bf relatively quick before my next cycle in march . My diet is clean and i do 25 min of cardio 5 days a week. Ive read up on clenbuterol but im a little weary on it. Do you have any input on it? I eat clean, but it seems even when im doing alot of cardio i have a hard time losing lbs.. I can gain weight no problem good and bad. It just seems I need to go another route to lose the lbs. I dont want to cut my calories down now though since im still in PCT and need to keep these gains.