Second Cycle, Opinions Needed

Hey guys, planning the next cycle projected to start mid-late march (6 months off), bloodwork intended to make sure im ready to go and to get a basis of what i look like before cycle so i can compare after my pct is finished. So, here is what im thinking…

1-4-dbol (25mg) ED
1-14-test 400 2cc per week (800mg);Monday/Thursday
1-14-HCG (500 IU 2x week);Also Mon/Thur
16-20- Toremiphene (120/90/90/60)
16-21-Aromasin 6-12.5 ED (Run one week after PCT to prevent estro rebound and read A-rom increases test levels which will allow my levels to continue rising)
*Aromasin on hand for on cycle 12.5mg EOD going up/down accordingly of sides.

Now im Going look at every angle here intensely to prevent some of these unnoticed sides that aren’t as prominent as lets say something like gyno for example. Last cycle, with my dbol for the first 4 weeks i ran Milk Thistle and i think its time to invest in a higher quality product thats gonna really hit all angles and keep not only my liver safe but things like cholesterol, blood pressure and others included in something like the newer, more advanced product such as N2Gaurd or if its possible and im not cheating myself out of health benefits, saving a bit of money with the popular,less overall targeted areas such as Cycle assist.

Also, i have been looking into some topical and oral compounds to help prevent hair loss which i experienced a very mild on the last cycle, nothing major,but i am prone and something i do NOT want. Im trying to determine if spiro or nizo will be sufficient or to look into the heavier oral compounds with more sides which i would like to stay away from unless it is the smartest decision, such as duta or fina.

I want to know some user experience on Saw Palmetto, ive seen some mixed reviews on this product while some say it does not hinder gains while others claim it does. This will also make my desision on N2Gaurd which does not have it and Cycle Assist that does.

Lastly, what is experience with ordering pins online with reliability and shipping i would rather do this and get more than only 10 at once which is CVS limit and switching the actual needle of the syringe after drawing for sanitary/sharpness concerns wastes the actual plastic syringe.

1.) Cycle Assist or N2Gaurd?
2.) Topical vs Oral MPB prevention?
3.) Can I do without Saw Palmetto?
4.) Online Pins?
5.) Change in my actual stack with the steroid compounds(Dosage/Timing/Adding poss EQ or Mast (ect.),mixed feelings about deca, no tren)

Any other input is extremely appreciated since this is really my outline/guideline post and feedback before i continue to research a bit and start running my next round…

Im confident i’ve done enough research to really hit these angles thoroughly but hope to learn something and tweek a few things here. Thanks alot guys.



Your cycle looks fantastic. I don’t know torem doses though. I have seen alot of good info on using aromasin alongside serm in pct’s but I’m still doing research on why that is. Amazon and just about every research chem site has pins.

The only ? i can really answer is the Pins and i get them online very very cheap. I havent had a problem with them yet. I have been using these 2times a day for 3 months and no problems.