Second Cycle of Clenbuterol

Hello guys.
I am 17 years old, 80 kilograms, 176 centimeters and 14% bodyfat.
Two months ago with my first cycle, I was 94 kilograms for 16 % bodyfat. My first cycle was around 150 mg of Clenbuterol per day maximum.

Now I am going to restart a second cyle but with higher dosage and this time with maximum dosage per day 180-200mg a day.
My aim is to get down to 7-8% bodyfat.
My aim is to be very very skinny, but when I say skinny it’s to the limits of anorexia. I want to get down to 7% body fat and then 1 or 2 months later gain MASSIVE mass.

So my daily diet is:
Morning = 80 mg Clebuterol + Water
Afternoon = Water
Mid-afternoon = Kiwis + Bananas + Pears + Apples + Carotts.
Evening = Anything I want, that is proteins and all the shit.

I cannot eat eggs and tuna since I am allergic to eggs and iodine. Can’t drink Whey since allergic to milk and I don’t drink soja proteins since it’s disgusting.

The only thing I don’t like about Clen is the acne breakouts, they are huge and the sweating is horrible.

Thanks for all your help Mister.
What is pathetic is that you don’t know anything about me nor my training neither my past so from which right do you tell me that I am a troll ?
I have been respectful and honest about my actions, I just need help and no bullshit so if you don’t have anything interesting to tell me, please be kind and intelligent if you can, do not pollute as you say my thread.

haha i just remembered my password info.

Anyway, I love how you consider water a food group that’s fucking awesome man, and I’ve got a better meal plan just drink water all day with no food, fuck you will be at anorexia in no fucking time flat man.

sorry for feeding the troll.

Man don’t you listen ? I’m 17 years old and I lift weights since the age of 15. Two months ago I was 94 kilograms for 16% body fat with a height of 176 centimetres. This is clearly a start to bodybuilding, don’t you think ? I’m not saying I want to be anorexic, I want to drop weight on a massive scale because I want to gain more afterwards. Isn’t that logic ? You stop eating, you lose lots of weight but when you restart eating you gain shit loads of weight. So I don’t know how I am a troll.

you lost 14 kilos and went down 2% body fat, bhahahaha.

I’m taking Clen because it has an anti-catabolic effect. Indeed, in the first cycle I lost too much muscle and that’s why I’m taking Clen at higher dose.

Yeah increasing drugs (any drugs) will not compensate for your lack of nutrition, the sooner you learn this the better off you will be.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Also, using drugs to try and compensate for a BLATANT lack of nutrition knowledge is just sad.


Your patience is truly impressive. I get the feeling that your advice is falling on deaf ears though.

This kid shows no signs of hope. Sad.

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[quote]Gustave wrote:
I’m taking Clen because it has an anti-catabolic effect. Indeed, in the first cycle I lost too much muscle and that’s why I’m taking Clen at higher dose.[/quote]

Clen is only anti-catabolic in animals due to the fact that they have a different receptor set up.

This allows clen to infact have a slight anabolic effect, which is an “anti-catabolic” effect, just not as most would imagine the direct interpretation of the word.

In humans it eats muscle pretty quickly.

You actually going to lose alot more muscle on clen than without it.

Think about why coke heads are so thin, CNS Stims have that effect, especially ones with 48+ hour half lives.

Coupled with your fruit and water starvation diet I expect youll be malnourished soon, congrats.