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Second Cycle - Masteron Only



i need some advice here.. i am planning to go for my second cycle.. my first cycle was TEST only.. and i have pretty muched spend 5-6 months to bulk so i have gone up enough in size so now i need to cut.. and i only have masteron available atm.. i know test is base for any cycle but i have masteron only atm.. so if i run a masteron only cycle.. what side effects will i experience and will it work for cutting and hardness?

19years old ( i wont run tren or other steroids who will shutdown my test production completelly, dont say im too young bodybuilding is my passion )

alright thats it hope to get some good answers peace.


too young? thats not your main problem. too stupid is a bigger issue. testosterone will certainly shut down natural production completely. As will masteron. but if you need to rationalize your decisions by believing what you wrote in the OP, who am I to tell you that you are a disaster waiting to happen?


If bodybuilding was really your passion, you would have trained naturally for AT LEAST a few years rather started juicing at such a young age.

And if it really was your passion, you would have researched the hell out of all this long before ever touching a AAS cycle and you clearly havent done this as your opening post shows.

Youre too young. Get over it. You wont get the validation your so obviously looking for here my friend.


Masteron only lol..19 years old? Makes sense..

throw in some test p and winstrol oral and you have a decent cutting cycle


Masteron in itself isnt a strong compound and you really only see results if your already at a low bf%.....so instead of pissing your cash away wait and do it right plus I hate to tell u but diet and exercise is honestly the best way to cut there's really no short cut unless your getting lipo there buddy but anyway happy hunting


test tren winstrol + clen and t3 is definitely a short cut


Yes, your absolutely right short cut to the docs.


is ignorance actually bliss?


Do tell Mr. Walkway, how long should someone be running test, tren, winstrol, clen and t3 for??


Depends on their goals...and the person e.g. how well they recover, how many cycles they have run..etc..

really too many variables to be able to tell you.

However, a friend of mine used that combination of drugs to prepare for a contest. I believe he ran a 6 week cycle of the AAS and the clen for 2 on 2 off (don't remember the t3).


A round about way of saying "I dont know sh!t" Too many variables ... give me a break.


You're right, everyone reacts to aas and other drugs the same. If you noticed under that line, I outlined the cycle that a friend of mine successfully ran and recovered from using all of the listed compounds.

When I said there are too many variables, I meant that I am unable to give a definitive answer on how long the drugs should be ran for other people, but do know what worked for one person.