Second Cycle Log

Hey everyone, just joined the forums to give some feed back. A little about me, I am 21, 5’9, 190 pounds at 14% bf (on tanita scale) and this is my second cycle.

First one I ran test e with tbol which was back when they were in the gel caps, ran 40mg tool for 4 weeks, and weeks 1-12 ran 250mg test e which was split into two doses with nolva in the end for pct. Put on 25 pounds and kept about 15.

Now I have decided on a new cycle. Cycle as follows

weeks 1-12 test e-600mg (split twice, dosing 300/ml)
weeks 1-4 tool 60mg a day
weeks 5-10 hcg 250iu every other day
Two weeks after last shot nolva (need advice on how much to run, I have a lot on hand. Nexgen nolva 100 per bottle of 20mg)

I also have aromasin to use to lower bloat every other day if necessary.

Wondering what you guys think and looking for advice. I know I am 21, I have friends who are 21 on hgh so I am not too worried about running test. I already know how I react to it.

Will keep a log and if anyone needs pics of the stuff I have some on hand.

Anyways, any advice would be greatly appreciated


wtf is tool?

Pretty sure he meant Tbol Run Nolva 40/40/20/20.