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Second Cycle. Let's Do This One Right


First post here on the site. After finding helpful opinions and other great information on here, I finally decided to make a account.

I’m running 1cc a week of Test E. simple as that. Nothing more as of now. I’ve got support on standby just in case. And I’ve got my post. My first cycle I didn’t have on cycle support OR PCT. but thankfully blood work was normal. It’s been over a year since my first cycle so now I’ll do it right.

Was thinking of running winstrol the last leg of it. Just to cut more. Diet and everything is on point as well. Or should I just run test alone?

26, 6’1", 210lbs, 24% body fat.

Thanks for all opinions!


I don’t really think that running Test E at 1cc a week is really much of a cycle. Depending on how people cycle, some will even cruise at more than 1cc a week between blast cycles. Personally, I use 1cc of test E a week when I am cruising and it goes up significantly when I am blasting. As far as test alone for a cycle…Thats personal preference and goal dependent. I compete so I run different compounds at different times, but not just test for a whole cycle. Maybe 1cc will give you the results you want.

Winny is a great cutting drug. I’d add it if your main goal is to cut.

How long has your diet been on point? Training for how long? I ask because people say that but they have only been “on point” for a short period of time. I also ask that because 24% is high for a diet that is on point. Good luck man!


Agree with moose.

1cc a week (im assuming 250mg) of test e is realistically almost nothing. There’s nothing wrong with running just test e based on one’s goals, but 1cc is pretty low. If you get the results you want from it then you’re in good shape as I’d recommend to try to stay as low as possible on anabolic use as long as you get the desired result.

But yeah I’d recommend not doing ANYTHING until you get that bf% under control. If you ran it for around 12 weeks even with winstrol it’s not going to turn you into a shredded animal at 5% - your bf% is too high to begin with. Get down to 12-15% on nothing then consider running anabolics.


Training for 6 years. Diet has been on point for the past 6 weeks. I’ve been “eating clean” for approximately 3 months. Body fat was almost 30% two months ago.

What would your advise be on dosage? I did the same amount last cycle. Should I bump to 1.5 or maybe 2 weekly?

Thanks for the advise.

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So getting BF% under 20 and then go on a cycle?
First pin was yesterday, so I could stop and no harm should be done.


i suggest cutting a lot more until you reach close to 14-15% just for starting, taking any compound with high bf% increases aromization dramatically and truthfully the compound will not work to its effectiveness as it would with lower bf.

If i was you i would do a cut cycle with test alone… you will lose a huge amount of bf quick if you have good meal prep and training the best part about test is that it keeps your hormones and muscles in check while cutting so you shouldn’t feel any strength loss, then blast a bulk cycle and cruise on a low dose…this option is good if you want to run a long cycle just make sure you have your support on deck for gyno or any sides that may pop up.


Sorry for the misinformation. Grabbed a caliper from a friend and measured 3 times in the same area. Body fat measured at 20 each time. Underestimated myself haha


If you have the supply I’d run a test blast for a cycle like @cryptonite said. With 1cc of test E a week you aren’t very far over a TRT dosage. Personally I pinned 500mg/ml my first cycle which I divided into 2 shots Mon and Thu. So I’d pin 1cc per shot along with some other stuff. I ran that cycle and then dropped down to my cruising dose of 1cc per week. Make sure you get bloodwork done so you’ll know what adjustments need to be made to your test dose. After you do a test cycle and get the bodyfat% down, you could throw in some different compounds depending on what look/goals you are going for.


Thanks for all the quick replies. So, should I run test only? Or work on lowering my body fat some more? As stated in my last post my BF% was incorrect and I calibrated at 20.


If you’ve already taken a dose just run test e at 500mg a week while cutting for 10-12 weeks, cruise at 250mg a week for 12 weeks, then blast again.


Thanks sir!