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Second Cycle Input

I am about to do my second cycle. First cycle was a nightmare as I wasn’t mentally prepared for it and I had the wrong outlook and approach. I have Done my homework and I have experimented on my response to AI’s and how I feel, sides etc. My goal is lean growth and my diet is fine. I’ve done all the research and have 10 years experience in the gym and with diet. So my next cycle is as follows:
Test cyp 750mg weekly divided by 3 doses pinned MWF (I am pinning 250mg 3x weekly)
NPP 375 weekly divided by MWF injections (125mg an injection)
Aromasin 12.5 mg E2D
Caber .5 mg a week

Alright everybody, lemme have it.

What was first cycle? Why not kick start with oral?

First cycle was
Sustanon 500mg weekly
EQ 300mg weekly
2 injections a week of sust @250 mg
1 weekly injection of EQ

I would run 750mg test weekly as a sweetspot, npp ,should be fine ,i did eq instead 300eq weekly, with 30 winny daily, back in day we didnt have all the al so excuse my ignorance , strenght goals?

Strength to me is irrelevant. I am all about form and and growth. I never worry too much about weight.

First off, caber is sort of an old-school approach. Manage your E2 with an AI properly, and caber shouldn’t be used.

Why don’t you just run approximately the same dose you ran in your first cycle? There’s no reason that shouldn’t work for your 2nd as well, ESPECIALLY since you said you had issues the first time around. You don’t have to raise the dose every cycle, and honestly, I think it’s a bad idea to so early. Drop the test back to 500. The switch from EQ to NPP is fine, and so is that dose. I really think it would be a mistake to add MORE test when you haven’t even run a truly successful cycle yet, as far as the mental game goes. 750 will affect you mentally more than 500 did.

Listen to flip on test dosage when i ran 750 a week, the gear was almost always under dosed, harder to get away with now. Plus i was a fairly lean 270 , but ive ran alot of test,tren too much and had horrible anxiety, had to go to bathroom all the time.

What they need is nandrolone enathate or boldedone enathate, i get tested every 6 months trt so eq and deca out.

Alright, I appreciate the input. However, as far as irritability is concerned I have a plan for a proper AI method. 25mg aromasin is WAY too high of a dose for me. I get so irritated and pissed off that i don’t even wanna train or eat clean or even do anything.i just sit around and break shit. Broke a tv remote in half, destroyed the inside of my car etc. So my plan is to do 6.25mg daily of aromasin. Aromasin is powerful AI in terms of what it does and I can attest to its potency on estrogen lowering effects for my physiology. So, I will use it daily and gauge feeling from there. If 6.25 leaves too much bloating and water retention I will up the dosage. I’ve never had gyno sides so I am not worried about that. I took 25mg aromasin well after my PCT to gauge my response to it. It made me feel the EXACT same way I did on my first cycle. 2 days later I felt fine So, common sense would dictate to lower the dosage and see how I feel then. I see no other logical way to do it.

You don’t see any other logical way to monitor your E2? How about… I don’t know… getting bloodwork? What country do you live in? If you live in the US, there is no excuse for not doing this.

Also, breaking a tv remote and destroying your car show that you have an anger issue aside from the steroids. You don’t do that simply because you have low estrogen. You do that because you’re a shitty person. I think your ‘solution’ is a poor one.

Well I live in America and in case you haven’t been paying attention, healthcare here is poor. I have to twist arms and pull teeth to get blood work, even Health care and I have insurances. Every doctor I have been to says, “we don’t really wanna run blood work unless we see it’s needed”. And even if I straight up tel them something that would warrant blood work, they still fight it. And yes, ha ha low estrogen and high T can cause irritability. You’ve never been pissed off? Me a shitty person? Get off your high horse.

There are plenty of places that will do blood work, Life Extension is one, privatelabsmd, or something like that, is another.

You’re just not trying hard enough because you’re a shitty person,

you can get a full blood panel done, here in America, without a doctor, for 100 bucks.

your argument is invalid.


Female hormone panel is fine