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Second Cycle, Input Appreciated

Current stats
Age: 23
Height: 5 8’
Weight: 182

Squat: 375
Bench: 275
Deadlift: 370
Standing Overhead Press: 155

Okay so I am about to start my second cycle and was just curious to receive some input on it.

First some background: I ran my first cycle 7 months ago using dbol and test cyp. I ran dbol at 50mg/day for 6 weeks along with test cyp 400mg/week for 10 weeks starting at week 4 during dbol. (Yes I know this wasnt optimal but I had a problem with my test source and I didn’t want to waste the dbol I had already taken so I had to get it from another source and just deal with it)

Anyway around the end of week 1 on dbol I started experiencing big strength gains and adding more weight. Near the end of my dbol cycle my squat had increased by 60lbs, bench had increased by 30lbs, standing overhead press had increased 20lbs, and deadlift increased by 50lbs. I had a bit of a lag between when I stopped taking dbol and the test fully kicked in but at the end of my 10 week test cycle I had added anther 15-30 pounds on each lift. I experienced some minor gyno, because I was not using an AI and I also did not take any liver protection. (I was a newb and a broke newb which was a bad combo. I admit it wasnt a great way to run my cycle and I have learned a lot more since then. My first cycle was a valuable learning experience)

After 2 weeks off the test I started using clomid for pct. Around the same time all my lifts dropped 10-20lbs and I lost about 6lbs. However during PCT I was able to get my lifts up to the same level they were on cycle so I experienced negligible loss in strength which was the main reason I took the steroids. Also at the beginning of my cycle I was 170 and got up to 201 by the end and dropped to 195 during pct.

Now that we got that out of the way onto present day.

For the last 2 months Ive been cutting and I am now down to 182 with a lot less body fat. I did not eat clean on cycle and I was dirty bulking which was a bad idea. I will be cutting until week 5 of my new cycle and then bulking for the final 8 weeks.

I am running an epistane/test sustanon 250 cycle with 6 weeks on epi and 13 weeks on sust with milk thistle for liver support, Armixdex for my AI during cycle and clomid/nolva with a test booster for pct.

This is my cycle:

Preloading with Natural Wellness Milk Thistle for 1 week (best fucking milk thistle out there research it)

Week 1-2: Test Sust 450mg/week EOD injections, Epistane 30mg/day, Milk thistle ED
Weeks 3-6: Test Sust 600mg/week EOD injections, Epistane 40mg/day, Armidex .25mg/EOD Milk thistle ED
Weeks 7-13: Test Sust 600mg/week EOD injections, Armidex .25mg/EOD, Milk Thistle ED
Weeks: 16-20: PCT clomid @ 100/100/50/50, nolvadex @ 40/40/20/20, and a Tribulis/Arginine Test Booster.

Sorry for the long winded posts but on every site especially this one people always ask fro background and stats so I figured I’d lay everything out on the table to begin with.

What’s with the lower dose of sust in weeks 1-2?

I wanted to start my cycle during my cut and have my test last for 8 weeks of bulking so I figured Id start it at a moderate dose then go higher