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Second Cycle, Injection Sites Painful


Hi guys!

I've read the injectin pain sticky and I pretty much have the issues of the first case on the sticky, but...

I just started my 2nd cycle (750mg Test-E / week) last wednesday. I did a frontload and injected 2ml to my both glutes, so 1000mg frontload.

The problems is, both sides are still firm and painful to touch and they are warm. There is swelling inside the muscle. There's no redness and I dont have any fever or flu symptoms..

I did my 2nd injection on friday (1ml on my right quad) and the pain is almost gone now, but it's still there, but it's gettin better day by day.

I never used glutes on my first cycle, could this be the problem? Too much for a virgin muscle? The injection sites are still as painful as the day after injecting, or slightly better. It seems IMPOSSIBLE that I could have an infection on BOTH of my glutes. I thought of an abcess but the firm area is so large that I doubt it.

It's pharmagrade Test-E by the way. I did a sterile injection for sure, but to be honest I did the injections quite fast which may have damaged the muscle. I used a 23g 1.5" needle and injected in the top of the glute.

Should I start worrying?




Yeah thats what I thought.. But just wanted to have some sort of peace of mind, lol . Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I'll let you know when they get back to normal..


Yea. Pay attention to the area. If it gets any worse dont hesitate to take some action. Massaging it should help.


Actually, I have a very slight fever. Almost so slight that I wouldn't count it as fever. I will check it again later tonight and tomorrow morning..

Massaging them seems to relieve some pain immediately.

If it is infected, how red the area should be? My other glute seems to be a bit more red then the other one :smiley:

EDIT: Massaging seemed to relieve some pain. I wasnt able lie on my side in a soft bed before, now Im able to roll on a hard floor (ROFL;) I took 800mg ibuprofen 4hours ago, I think they should have done something already..

Which is better for this problem, ice or heat? Some people seem to suggest heat and some ice.


NSAIDs are ok.

No idea about the specifics in looking for an infection. Ive never had one and I assume they manifest slightly different in different people. The sticky has good info though.

A friend of mine did a 1ml shot into a virgin quad and had noticeable pain for over a week. Never had a fever though.

If its pharm grade gear than I would not stress about an infection.


Ok.. I had some test flu after the injections but it went away in a day. This slight fever might be anything..

Massaging helps immediately! One more thing saying its not an infection! All I feel now when im lying on my side, is the firm area of the muscle..

Thanks for you help! I'll update this tomorrow!


When I started my cycle a couple of months back, my first three shots in each quad were unbearable. I was literally crippled at one point. Loads of ibuprofen (800mg 3x a day) and codeine, hot baths and massage was enough to allow me to train through the pain. It was weird at first because my gear is pharm grade so it did make me wonder what was going on. After those thrid injections though, they became completely painless :slightly_smiling: . Same gear, and I cant feel a thing. It was definately virgin muscle pain. I will say though that it was fairly obvious that it was muscle pain and not an infection from the fact that the whole muscle was swollen in each case, the pain was not localised in the muscle, and it never felt warm.



No fever, injection sites still not red, I got little bruises on the injection spots yesterday when I massaged them, I was able to use a foam roller for that. They are warm to touch but the muscles are swollen, not the skin. There's a harder area in the muscle, not the whole muscle is hard, thank god. There are absolutely no signs of edema or infection when pushing and feeling the sites..

But they are still painful as hell, but maybe not as painful as they were at the worst.

I remembered that I forgot to wash my hands before I injected (I didn't touch needle or something like that), but remembering that just made me more paranoid.. Quad injection is still sore too, but because I only injected 1ml its almost unnoticeable, so maybe I shouldn't worry about the glutes.

Massive: I have pharma grade too and It's strange that it hurts like this.

Edit: The harder area of the muscle has become softer than it was. I will concentrate more on my injections from now on.. I was in a hurry when I made these injections so I didn't do anything to help reduce the post injection pain.


Training went well. I've had a little bit fever today. In the morning I had a normal temperature, but 2 hours later I had a slight fever, now again after 2 hours I don't have any fever. Strange.. I will be taking ibuprofen today, I already took 800mg and will take it atleast once more today.

No swelling or redness on the skin. Swelling still inside the muscle.