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Second Cycle Ideas


First, a little info about me.
25 years old
Total about 1800 raw.

First cycle was a little over a year ago, test-cyp 500mg/week @ 10 weeks.

This time around, I had a hard time getting my hands on some stuff. Finally did, got 60mL. Now I have 2 ideas for a cycle.

week 1-12 test-en @ 750mg/week
week 12-? test-en @ 250mg/week (until it runs out)

week 1-12 test-en @ 500mg/week

And then be able to run another 12 weeks @ 500mg/wk after proper time off.

Looking for size and strength, obviously. Going to run adex throughout cycle as well to keep bloat/gyno down.


I would go with option A, but without the sorta of taper off you proposed. Enanthate ester is so damn long it will sort of taper itself off.

750mg test seems good to me, considering you did 500mg cyp before; generally you will do higher and higher doses. The larger ester does make up some of the molecular weight, therefore its not actually 750mg of test. In fact if you have equal mg of test A and test B with test A having a smaller ester, it actually will contain more actual testosterone.

Be wary, dont begin your pct immediately after you stop your shots, the test will remain active for awhile after, wait a good 2-3 weeks before beginning pct or it will be a bust.

I mean of course if you wanna do 2 cycles do the 2 cycles instead.


Thanks for the info.

I have two schools of thought.
1) I don't know when/if I can get my hands on some more stuff and want each cycle to still be worth it (which pushes me to option B).

2) I've read that if you use the same dosages cycle to cycle, you're androgen receptors won't react as efficiently, or something of that nature. Plus I've read the higher your dose, the more strength you'll get (which pushes me to option A.)


You have a better total than me and only have done 1 cycle?

Fucker. =P


Your receptors will react just fine. The issue is at around 8 weeks into your cycle myostatin kicks in. Higher doses usually will make you stronger, but you will get diminishing returns over so much. Diet and training play a large role too.


I guess I just have good genetics?

I'm assuming myostatin will limit my abilities for increased muscle mass, correct?

And the training/diet parts aren't an issue.

So in your opinion, you're going with option B (500mg/wk)?