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Second cycle help

Second cycle Help

Hi guy this will be my first time injecting and would like your input on my future cycle

Test e 500mg weeks 1-10
D Bol 40mg weeks 1-6
adex 0.25mg weeks 1-10

Pct clomid 100 100 50 50 nolva 60 40 20 10

I am thinking about adding hcg throughout the cycle but am unsure on wat dossing I will need and on wat days
test e will be 250 mg on Monday and 250 mg on Thursday
and will Adex be able 2 stop gyne or should I take nolva throughout and wat dose I am very sentive 2 get gyne

Run the hcg 250iu 2x a week up to the last week before pct stopping 4-5 days before pct.

If your prone to gyno having some extra Nolva on hand is a good idea as well as letro as a last resort. Adex dosing Is different with each person but .25mg EOD is the standard. If you start developing signs of gyno (itchy tender nips) you can run the Nolva at 40mg a day until symptoms subside then taper down to 20mg a day for another 4-5 days. If this occurs you will know you need to bump your dosing of adex up to .5mg EOD.

Also, run the adex up to the last week before pct and taper the dose down the last week.

That clomid and nolva plan is weird. Either run 50mg clomid/day for 3-4 weeks or nolva at 20mg a day.

As far as HCG, some recommend 250iu 3x/week as it gives a more stable blood level.