Second Cycle Help

Hello I am about to run my second cycle, my first one showed great results with 500mg Test E every week. I plan to do the same cycle again, only I was wondering if I should front load the Test Prop that I have at home too. I used Nolva for my first PCT, I kept all but 5lbs of mass I gained during cycle.

I would like to think I did things correct, but I want to make sure I can front load Prop during a Test E cycle, and what I should have on hand in the event that Gyno arises. I have been researching Letro, and it seems to be the go to, but I don’t want to lose any sex drive. Thoughts on cycle, and PCT…thanks!

IMO Prop would be better for finishing cycle as enanthate is long half life ester so you would finish with prop and begin PCT immediately

You can kick start a test e cycle with prop and I would use arimidex instead of letro, letro I believe is overkill for running along side test but I would still have the letro on hand for a last resort if gyno appears