Second Cycle Help

25 years old 185 pounds.

This will be my second cycle and I plan on keeping it as simple as possible.

Week 1-8 Test Prop = 100mg/day, pinning everyday to keep the bloat to a minimum.
PCT = Nolva 40/40/20/20 about a week or so after my last injection.

Looking for suggestions and any helpfull information, thank you very much in advance!


^^ This.

And plans for recovery (PCT, Taper, etc.)?

In general, the more info you include (to a point), the better we can help you.

Out of curiosity, what gauge needles are you using? I hope the suspension of prop you’re using is thin and smooth, because ED injections are going to suck for 8 weeks straight. And yes, you need to grab some AI and provide more details, buddy.

Sounds simple.

A great cycle, nice and clean and simple. But 700mg per week for a second cycle is a bit high. 500mg is more than enough, will keep the bloat and sides down even more.

^ Ya man thanks for the advice that made me change my mind. I am just going to run 525 a week instead of the 700, I asked a couple other people and they agreed for a second cycle 700 is not necessary.

Also I have my PCT planned already and is in my original post, not sure if you seen that or not midnight?

As for AI, I totally understand where everyone is comming from but do you really think an AI is mandatory for a cycle such as mine, ill have nolva on hand if any gyno symptons pop up and pinning everyday will keep my bloat to a minimum, not trying to be rude just throwing my opinion out there.

As for Pinning I’am just going to rotate between glutes, delts, ventro glute and maybeee quads? As for sizes for glutes: 22 gauge inch an a half. For delts, ventro glute and quads 25 gauge inch longs? Open for any type of advice for better sizes.

Thanks for all the help so far, its greatly appreciated.

An AI is always mandatory until you have plenty of cycle experience and know how different doses and compounds affect you.

personally, I like your initial cycle plan better…however I have to keep in mind your size and cycle experience and then I say yah do the lesser amount. I think you can get away without using an AI as long as you have extra nolva on hand… if you do us an aromatase inhibitor use as little of it as possible per day.

Hopefully the preparation you are using is not going to cause any injection pain, because if so, this is going to be a miserable several weeks for you.

I recomend you increase the amount of sites you are hitting as much as possible. You should give a site at least a week’s rest before hitting it again.