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Second Cycle Help - Test 250/Dbol


My first cycle was a 10ml bottle of Supertest by Tornel.About 4 years ago.I did 500mgs a week. I gained about 20.lbs and at the end I lost about 7.lbs. My stats now are 6'2"/190. I have topped out once again and cant gain another ounce. My body fat is about 11%,I run,play soccer,very active,and eat like a horse.

My question is what should I add to the supertest250,I have heard Dbol to start then test for 12 wks??? I'm here cause I want opinions and need help so fire away,thanks for the help!If anyone has any other expericened cycles send em my way..


Eat like two horses. Thats my suggestion. If your stuck at a buck 90 being 6'2 then AAS isnt what you need its more calories.

And btw.. theres this cool function on this site called the search button. There have been 100s of cycles outlined previously, however then you may just have to do your own research to find them.


no way bro a test and dbol cycle is very rare no chance that he could figure it out on his own. Let alone the fact that he is over 6ft 190 lmao EAT EAT EAT log your calories 5000k tell me that you cant gain weight on that!


You are doing to much cardio activity to gain mass. Make up your mind whether you want to gain mass or be super fit. You can cycle between the two of them. If you want to gain mass train that way. 20-30 min of cardio no more than 4 times a week and lift heavy.