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Second Cycle Help Post Injury and Crossfit


Hi all

165 lbs
30 years old
12 years of lifting experience (off and on)
Eat good
I now will be lifting 4-5xs a week
Eat good
Crossfit and cardio 3-5xs a week

I finished a test-e only cycle of 8 weeks at 500 a week for my first cycle 10 weeks ago. I am looking for a good second cycle plan. I still have enough test e for a new 12 week cycle but was looking for feedback on what to stack with it and a break down of how much to take for how long.

Goals are to get stronger/leaner if I gain 20 lbs that would be cool if I gain 5 but get ripped then that would be cool too.

Caveat; I was severely injured early last year by an explosion in Afghanistan. I was bed ridden for 3 months and lost 20 lbs and got weak. I didnt lose any limds but did suffer a TBI which has left my left side of my body a bit weaker than my right. Once I was healthy enough to start working out again I did. It was depressing to see how weak I had become. I got a bit over excited and ordered some test-e to help gain back what I used to have. Probably should have held off on the gear for a while but wanted a jump start. I feel I am in a healthy good state to move forward with round 2.

I have a good pct plan on standby already. I have been hitting the forums hard but can't decide a good plan. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



Sorry for what happened to you in Afghanistan. You should eat more, you weight only 165.I don't know what you are trying to accomplish with this cycle, so I can't comment on what to use.