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Second Cycle Dosage ?


Im runnning my second AAS cycle
of Test Cyp 250 mg E3D with 50 mg of Anadrol first 4 weeks
-weight is 245
- age early twenties

my first cycle was a 14 week cycle of test prop, suspension and cyp
-Gained alot of strength and lost good amount of fat went from 260 to 245

planning to do same pct as in last cycle becuase it seemed to work
-clomid 50 mg ED for 30 days
- Novadex 20mg first week, 40 mgs week 2-3, 20 mgs last week

MY question is how does the dosge on my cycle look as in ratio to my weight and does my pct sound about right if i start 5 days after my last shot??

Only side effects from last cycle were acne and still facing it but got it treated and is much bettr now but still visible




I dont see any major problems. Your PCT looks a little different but if its worked well for you in the past go for it. How much total test per week were you running of your last cycle?


started with low doses of only 300 mg a week and worked it up to almost 700mg


You sound underinformed.
I'm curious, early twenties? So 20-21 I'm guessing because you didn't just state it.
I'm no expert by any means but I do my research. You can be creative with steroids but, I would think, after several cycles using whats tried and true first.

  1. Besides age, another reason you probably shouldn't be cycling is you lost 15 pounds on your first cycle. And that was at 700 mg a week! Sounds like you are overweight, in which case you should not be using aas, as I'm sure you aren't getting any labs done or consulting with a doctor regarding any of this.

  2. I don't know why you would need more nolvadex the second week of pct and I can't imagine why you would start it just 5 days after last injection.

  3. Maybe I've missed something but I've never heard or read anywhere that beginner cycles have doses of test relative to body weight.

  4. Any chance of an AI on hand?


Had arimidex on hand last cycle but really didnt like it, maybe looking for an alternative this time around, any suggestions?

Secondly I wouldnt be classified as overweight but maybe really bulky before my first cycle, i have slimmed down a fair bit though now!1


You had it on hand or you used it? Why didn't you like it?
Btw I seem critical because I want people to realize this isn't a game. You are messing with your body's hormonal balance. The consequences of being unprepared before using them can affect you long-term and I assure you, will make you wish you never ever considered aas use.
5 threads above yours is an AI and SERM sticky that will help plus, and this is just my opinion, before ever touching steroids, I would want to know everything about all of this already.


had it on hand and was advised to take .5 EOD, didnt like the feeling, then went to E3D and still didnt feel beter, lethargic, heartburn weird sides and dropped it nd felt much better and luckily no gyno although nips got itchy during end of cycle and close to PCT


Aprreciate the help, thats why im on here? dont want to fuck shit up lol