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Second Cycle Critique

Week 1) Test Cyp 800mg, D-bol 30mg e/d
Week 2) Test Cyp 400mg, D-bol 30mg e/d
Week 3) Test Cyp 400mg, D-bol 30mg e/d
Week 4) Test Cyp 400mg
Week 5) Test Cyp 400mg
Week 6) Test Cyp 400mg
Week 7) Test Cyp 400mg, Var 55mg e/d
Week 8) Test Cyp 400mg, Var 55mg e/d
Week 9) Test Cyp 400mg, Var 55mg e/d
Week 10) Var 55mg e/d
Week11) Var 55mg e/d
Week12) Var 55mg e/d

Plan on starting sometime mid April, starting to get everything together. As far as pct goes I plan on doing excactly what I did first cycle. 10mg nolva e/d throughout cycle and clomid/nolva pct. I also will use tribulus e/d throughout entire cycle again. Many will probably frown at this, but my first post cycle transition was extremelly smooth, so I plan to stick to what worked for me.

I would appreciate any comments/input you have on the preposed cycle.


Thats very interesting friend, I will be running a bulking cycle very similar to that starting April 1. Mine is going to go a little something like this…

Wk 1 : 1g test c / 40 mg d-bol
Wk 2 : 600 mg test c / 40 mg d-bol
Wk 3 : 600 mg test c / 30 mg d-bol
Wk 4 : 600 mg test c / 30 mg d-bol
wk 5 : 600 mg test c
Wk 6 : 600 mg test c
Wk 7 : 600 mg test c
Wk 8 : 600 mg test c / 50 mg t-bol
Wk 9 : 600 mg test c / 50 mg t-bol
Wk 10 : 50 mg t-bol
Wk 11 : 50 mg t-bol
Wk 12 : 50 mg t-bol

I plan on using nolvadex throughout the whole cycle and I also plan on using it for my pct (I hate clomid, it works good but I hate the side effects). I know I should add and anti aromatase but I need to do some more research on the different products out there. I have read that aromasin is the best ai to have on hand. I might purchase some in the liquid form, but I’m not sure on dosages. If I could get some feedback on the subject or even a cycle critique that would be greatly appreciated.

Stats: -Was 210 lbs but have cut down to
195 lbs for this cycle.
-23 yrs next month
-Not sure on max’s
-4th cycle
-Train 6 days/wk when on and
train 3-5 days/wk when off
-2 hr. sessions

Goals: Get Huge!!! Get Ripped!!!


P.S. Sorry dezz for stealing your thread, Ha Ha… Bitch…

Just out of curiousity, could you give me per say an example of what your TWO HOUR workouts look like, ie. what activities, what lifts, warm up, blah blah I am curious also as to whether you are consuming any nutrients during it…

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yea, got anything on the proposed cycle above?


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haha theres no way in hell i could work out for 2 hours, y-guy just smokes a lot of crack, he doesn’t like to quit


Well I don’t workout for 2 hours, and y-guy really doesn’t either. a slight exaggeration takin seriously,besides hes a crackhead. but anyways, i was curious as to what you guys thought about not frontloading and running the test at 400 for 10 weeks, or is frontloading ideal? thanks in advance


Your cycle’s should be fine. Consider using arimidex instead however through you cycle, untill the end of the t-bol/var, then switch to the nolva or clomid. As for front loading, ultimately it won’t make much of a difference gain-wise and keep in mind that you are using short acting orals to begin the cycle with.

Frontloading is good if you are trying to keep a cycle short - for example 4-6 weeks, but for a 10 plus week cycle, and your not using Deca or Undecylineate. undeca ester’s, you’ll be fine.

appreciate the info fellas, ill be starting this bad boy up in about 2-3 weeks, will keep ya updated