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Second Cycle Critique

Hey guys, this will be my second cycle that i will be starting either late April or early May. Im going to be stacking EQ, Test E, and Dbol. My ancillaries/pct will consist of arimidex, hcg, nolva and clomid. My cycle looks like this

Week 1 800 mg EQ, 50mg ed Dbol
Week 2 400 mg EQ, 1000mg Test, 50 mg ed Dbol
Week 3 400 mg EQ, 500mg Test, 50 mg Dbol
Week 4-15 400mg EQ, 500mg Test
Week 16 500mg Test
Week 17 and 18 bridging Dbol to pct 25mg ed
Week 19 40mg Nolva ed, 100mg Clomid ed
Week 20 40mg nolva ed, 50mg clomid ed
Week 21 20mg nolva ed, 50 mg Clomid ed
Week 22 20 mg Nolva ed

Will also be running hcg 250iu x 2 per week while on cycle up until 4 days before pct
Also will be using Adex .25mg ed during the cycle as i am gyno sensative
Proscar throughout as well so i dont go thin on top.

I’ve done my homework on but any suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has ran something similar to this what were your results? Thanks a lot guys.

Liking the layout. Interesting ‘frontload’ with the EQ. A little long, but I’m sure you know the risks associated with that. Otherwise looks great, well laid out. I think I remember you saying you prefered to PCT with Nolva and Clomid? Also did you ever run that Tren cycle you posted a ways back?

Good luck,

Sadly, i could not get a hold of the tren =( so this is what i had access too at the time. Tren will defnitly be used in the future if i can get a hold of it. Do you think i could shorten the cycle a little bit and still not waste the EQ? I want to not waste the EQ but this will be my first long cycle. I was thinking maybe shortening it a bit. Thank you for your input !

You could do a 2 week frontload of EQ, with slightly higher dosing on the EQ. The UD ester is so god damn long that even with a steep frontload, I doubt you’ll have high blood serum levels after 7+ days.

Also make sure to allow -atleast- 3 weeks for the EQ to clear, it is suppressive. So cut it 1 week earlier than planned and put the additional weeks dose into the planned frontload, and adjust accordingly.

Topic Related: Boldenone should come in a Phenyl Propionate ester or similar, kind of like NPP to Deca. (UGL Operators take note! lol)


Bold Prop does exist.

Anyways, looks good. Only thing I would change would be to up the eq to 600mg

thanks for the input been looking for bold prop and other compound such as NPP ,but sadly the site i use never carries anything other than the basics =(