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Second Cycle Critique and Information on Extras

Good day,

I am starting my second cycle after having amazing results and absolutely no side effects last time. But I was wanting to try the same routine but instead was going to incorporate micro dosing.

First cycle was:

  1. Cycle information
    Dosage: Test E 250mg/1ML
    frequency: every three days for the duration of 12 weeks. (Monday then Thursday).

Second cycle will be:
2.Cycle information
Dosage: Test E 125mg
Frequency: every other day for 12 weeks total.

PCT: Nolvadex 25mg/capsule weeks 14-17, 50/50/25/25 if needed.

I was completely content to follow the same routine as before but I was also provided Syntholan 2,500mg, and Megalan/100mg. I am researching them now to see if it is worth trying and if I have enough of the components for the cycle.

Megalan Mix 10ml/vial 200mg/ml - /Methandienone 50mg/ Oxymetholone 50mg/Methyltestosterone 50mg/ Testosterone Propionate 50mg

Thanks for any information you can provide and depending on the feed back I may just delay this cycle until I have further information.