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Second Cycle Bloodwork

In Summer 2019 , I ran my first cycle, very basic low dose test-e only cycle, 250mg a week injecting 125mg twice a week, for 8 weeks.

Blood work at end of week 8 showed:

Total T - 2185 ng/do

Free t - 49.6 pg/ml

Estradiol - 94.8 pg/ml

Waited 3 weeks, then did Nolva pct 40/40/20/20

Recovery was fine.

My original plan was to do another cycle 6 months later and I got everything I needed to go ahead, and then covid happened, gyms closed. So I put it off, was doing body weight exercises around the house, pushups , pull-ups and sit-ups mostly.

Slowly built a home gym and now have everything, power rack, cable machine high and low, barbell, 365lbs of plates, adjustable dumbles, etc…

So I worked out for about 3 months to get back to where I was and then started my cycle, perfect time, stuck at home with tons of gym gear.

Last cycle unfortunately I was working like 60-80 hours a week , sleeping like crap, it was summer and hot.

This cycle I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night, eating a lot more, got my weight up from 190 to 220. My lifts have gone way up but I’ve been focusing more on high rep medium weight hypertrophy training this time.

First off, my dosage for the cycle is my choice,nuts what I want to do so it isn’t up for discussion and I could care less if you think I should be running 500mg of test minimum.

This cycle was a little different from the first, ran 250mg of test e a week again, but since my estradiol was pretty high the first time around, starting around week 4 I started taking a tiny piece of arimidex on injection days, I would break a 1mg pill in half, and then break a small piece off of the half, probably less than .25mg twice a week.

Starting in week 7, started on 300iu of hcg twice a week, filling the syringe first with hcg and then pulling the test after.

Have also been taking 2.5mg low dose cialis everyday.

Not sure if it is the Arimidex, or because it’s winter , but in my first cycle I was super red all the time, it was summer and hot but I think the arimidex has helped as even with the cialis I haven’t had any facial redness at all.

A couple weeks after starting hcg my chest broke out in acne.

Anyway here is the blood work week 9 with the above protocol.

Total t - 2177 ng/dl

Free t - 656 pg/ml - reference range 35-155 pg ml

Estradiol - 40 pg/ml

Free T level is insane, I think that shows that the Arimidex and lowering of estradiol definitely has an effect on free t.

One thing that has been a lot different for me this cycle is I’ve felt REALLY sleepy the whole cycle, even before starting the arimidex. Overall lethargic feeling.

My plan is to continue for 12 weeks, come off, use high levels of hcg while the enanthate ester clears to help my body continue to produce T while the exogenous levels start to lower, then do standard nolva 40/40/20/20

Hope you guys enjoyed that long read haha.

Looks like a good response from such a small dose. Good luck with the finish.