Second Cycle After 3 Years. Feedback Needed

I do hope you guys can provide me with great feedback. Let me introduce myself, I’ve been lifting for about 5 years. And I have done one cycle of Testosterone Enanthate (500mg/week) with Nolvadex and Clomid as PCT; but this was 3 years ago, I was satisfied with the previous cycle’s results as my goal was to break my plateau, kept about 11 out of 23lbs of my gains.

These are my recent stats:
27 years old
5’7” @180lbs 12%BF
Bench Press: 250lbs
Squat: 270lbs
Deadlifts: Never bothered to check my max, but I train this at 5x5 225lbs (I got a bad back)

I got a good deal for Sustanon 400mg/ml, so I’m planning this CYCLE:
Week 1-10 EOD @0.4ml (160mg) about 560mg/week
Week 12-16 @40/30/20/10 Nolvadex (more in check for gyno)
Week 13-16 @75/50/25 Clomid
I have Arimidex on hand, but I’m not stacking (D-bol etc.) in this light cycle, so I’ll only use it if I need it. Plus I didn’t get any symptoms of gyno my previous cycle.
I can acquired HCG, but as this is a light cycle @<750mg/week I’d assume I’ll recover just fine.

Since my first cycle was a long time ago (3 years), @500mg/week. I’m going to treat this cycle as a first; so instead of stacking it, I’m experimenting by just slightly increasing the dose to 560mg/week. I’ll only be stacking after this cycle, because this cycle might prove that I still could gain with <750mg/week. I know some might recommend to add D-bol and so on, but I don’t plan in jumping into conclusions: it’s best to understand my body’s reaction to certain dosages first, before increasing it.

My goal is to achieve 190lbs weight at 8%BF. I’ll roughly be eating 3000 calories a day, lifting 5 times a week and cardio about 4 times a week, . I’m assuming 8%BF is achievable without stacking Clen etc. How realistic is this goal?

Thanks a lot!

If you’ve successfully ran a cycle prior then I’d say you’re being a little too conservative IMO. I would personally stack another compound but that’s me

Yea, get under that BAR!!!

My heart broke a little bit.

Like medically diagnosed or poor form. I know you in the pharma section BUT LETS SEE SOME FORM VIDEOS!!! Of that squat too. But post them in the powerlifting section :smiley:

Honestly, not at all. 10 weeks is a really short time pick 1 goal or the other in such a short time frame. I would say 180lbs at 8% is maybe achievable but I would drop the cardio for more squat and deadlift sessions. Cardio is a waste. You will have improved recovery so use that to build as much muscle as you can (legs are the largest muscle group and nothing builds them better than squats and deads). The more muscle you have the more calories you burn every single second of the day. Cardio burns calories in the act but also burns precious calorie burning muscle.

For your goals you need as much muscle as you can get. (Judging by your Bench Squat and Dead numbers the back and leg muscles have the most to gain which is good, because those are the hugest and even huger muscle groups, respectively).

I think running Clomid weeks 12-15 would be better and in that case also 50-50-50.