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Second Cycle Advice?

My first one was test + turinabol , 0 sideefects,just a little oilskin
My second one goes like this

Week 1-16 750 mg test e, pinned 3 days/w
Week 13-16 60mg winny
Week 14-16 50mg proviron
Just as first cycle,just light basic things
Got liv 52 for liver issues in case of

For PCT clomid and tamoxifen
Got any suggestions for PCT?

This is my first one

Sorry for double post

What were the results of the first cycle? I may have missed it but I scanned through and didn’t see how much test you were using the first time, please confirm. 750mg of test is getting up there where you have harder to manage E2 and more side effects from test. I’m more of a fan of adding a second injectable and keeping test no higher than 500mg. Thats just me and I do know of plenty of people that do well on higher test.

I’ve never ran winny but I don’t like the drug from the horrible reviews I’ve read. I had some and literally threw it away without trying it due to the joint problems I’ve read about. Other orals to consider are tbol (again), dbol, and var which are all fairly friendly other than lipids/liver. Dbol is out if you still have gyno problems to consider. Then again, if you are worried about gyno why up the test so much?

Well first time i used 500mg/w pinned 2 times,and had 0 sides,thats why i wanna add more test for more results, i added something like 9 or 10 kg of mass,i have a video if u wanna see or smth
About the gyno,well if i see that it affects it i can use some clomid or tam
I just wanna add 1 more pin(250mg) to see the results,turinabol added some strenght i might say,but dunno about the mass,after all its a light steroid like anavar i might say,i dont wanna use dbol for the gyno concerns,from what i heard winny/proviron doesnt cause,and no water retention

And i really wanted to add a second injectable but i didnt know wich one,im still a newbie and thats why i choosed to make again a light cycle

In my personal experience, I am running NPP right now at 70 mg EOD (relatively low dose but everything I have heard about 19-nors I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t ruin my body) and so far I have been loving it. I am only 10 days in but my mood is better, my joints feel better and I feel like my muscles are hardening and I am getting stronger. Water retention has increased but I also upped my test at the same time I started NPP. I am also supplementing with P5P.

Anyways nandrolone is more anabolic and less androgenic than test. You have to pin more frequently and it’ll most likely cost a little more than going the Deca route, but I wanted to play it safe(ish).

You could try it. As you said, you had zero sides from 500mg so maybe give it a go. You can always reduce the dose. Other things to consider are EQ, Primo and Mast in conjunction with your test dose if you decide to keep it lower.

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I see,well after all its my second cycle so i wanted to keep it as ‘low’ as i could , after this one i gonna TREN2000MG/W HARDxD j/k
Thanks for help guys, and about the pct what do u think ? Classic clomid 40 40 20 20? Or should i take tam with it

U mean its more risky than deca?

NPP and Deca are both nandrolones, Deca being the longer ester version out of the two. NPP will kick in faster but it will also clear your system faster in the event you respond poorly (lots of bad sides). Neither is really less risky (probably a poor choice of words on my part), but NPP clears your system faster.

So far, 11 days in (I said 10 earlier, I miscounted), I have had no negative response that I can feel or see.

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So can u guys help me with the pct? I got clomid and nolva at hand , can purchase some arimidex if needed