Second Cycle Advice?

Been spending a lot of time on this forum reading an learning a lot about diet, training and realistic steroid use. So thanks to t nation.
I am looking for advice before starting my second cycle next month , Till then I am getting rid of some more bf


Age: 26
Hight: 5.8 ft
Weight: 170 lb
Bf: 12-14%

Training experience : 1.5 year in gym on and of and some karate

Agenda: it’s all about the technique


290 lb Squat
220 lb Bench
370 lb Deadlift

Cycles: 1 (test e only 10 weeks) gained 15-18 lb and kept about 70%.
Training and diet was about 60% right due to work/girlfriends. About 5 months ago

This time I am of work so diet and training is going to be 90-100% right .

with the following cycle in plan:

1-12 test e 250 mg e5d
12-16 test compound 300 mg e4d
1-15 eq 600 mg e6d
2-18 aromasin 12.5 mg eod
4-16Hcg 250 iu e4d

pct 19-22

clomid 50/50/25/25
nolva 40/20/20/20
aromasin 12.5 eod

(About 8 daily supplements besides protein and creatine)

Goals: 15 lb lean gains and drop bf %

Training : 3 days a week StrongLifts and 2 days a week karate sparring

Choise of compounds:

Test : Base of cycle

Eq: To have equal progress on joints and tendons and get better stamina/endurance
*I am aware about the hunger effects of eq and will battle it with low calorie veggies like corn ,small round cabbages and carrots .

Hcg: keep balls same size, function etc

My questions :

Is it ok to pin hcg first followed by test and eq (pinning 3 days in a row)

Is there any better layout with less pins?

If I am during week 12 have gained 18 lb+ can I drop calories and tighten everything up instead?

Thankful for any good advice.

I don’t mind questions .


So, you were less than 160lbs before your 1st cycle?
What kind of gains do you think you could make naturally? You’re still young and relatively untrained
I just think drug use is a little premature. You should really learn how to eat and workout to grow without using drugs
Jeez. You’re only 26 and you’re in newbie gainz territory PLUS you’re not having to deal with work which affects cortisol, meal timing, sleep…

Hi and Thanks for your reply.

You are right. I could do it naturally in the double amount of time without aas if not more.

I am however leaning on this cycle to being my Last . Once I reach my maximum limit based on my genetics I will go on naturally .
Today’s agenda though is to get as big as possible. I am not for that.

A jump start is ok if you have the right shoes and know how to jump correctly . It’s a totally different thing if one want to jump the highest . So again agreed

I have a plan , and are of when to deload from them heavy lifts.

As mentioned, seeking advice of the cycle it self .

Kind regards

Unfortunately you don’t get to choose the advice you get when you ask questions. You do however get to decide if you listen to that advice so it’s your call
I don’t think you can cycle up to what you consider your natural genetic limit by using AAS to get there faster then just maintain those gains without use any longer
That is cycle related advice

IF you need advice on your cycle specifically? That’s a shi@t ton of gear for a little guy with next to no experience in the gym, nutrition or AAS
You should be able to make substantial gains with a simple 2nd Test cycle assuming the rest is put together properly
You can’t just inject more substance to compensate for a poor plan. And you think you’ll maintain that too
Do you have any idea your natural test levels?

Well your advices was not related to my questions anyways, lol.

And what you think don’t matter really , it’s proven that gains made up to the genetic limits are 100% possible to keep with proper diet and training after the use of steroids.

Ok. We have to agree to disagree about the cycle being to much.

It’s 350 mg/week of test with 700 mg eq/week.

My test levels where back to normal already
2 weeks after pct. And they are slightly above normal.

. I am going to do the cycle anyways .

Again , would be handy with someone to answer my questions specifically.


What’s possible and probable are typically opposite
Again, your cal like. I’m sure it is a safe assumption you will cycle again to maintain the size you are after

I misread your dosing. It is not as much as I originally thought
Of course you are going to go ahead and do the cycle as planned. That’s why no one has respond to your thread. People disagree and won’t participate in being coaxed to agree with you
You really don’t need AAS at your development
Honestly? It doesn’t matter what compounds you use or why or even if someone is suggesting a micro change in your test / eq ratio. Seriously
Blast away! Deca, Tren, EQ… who cares?
You will make gains and the likelihood is that you won’t maintain them. ESPECIALLY if you come close to reaching your genetic ceiling. No way!