Second Cycle Advice?

Currently planing my second cycle.

First cycle was tbol 1-8 weeks 60mg and test e 500mg 1-12 weeks.

Plans for second: dbol 30mg 1-4/5 weeks, test e 500mg 1-16 weeks, deca 500mg 1-14 weeks. HCG last 4 weeks (500 iu e3d, as the esters are clearing), nolva, clomid PCT 4 weeks (40/40/20/20, 50/50/25/25), a little bit concerned about clomid sides, as i didnt use it for my last cycle playing it safe with lower dosages. Arimidex throughout cycle from start to end 0.5mg, is tapering down of the adex at the end neccessary if i wanna avoid rebound or it it BS?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

prepare caber

caber is very hard to find in my country, you think taking vitamin b6 300mg ed would be any help?

I’ve also read conflicting arguments that caber is not needed for some while they are on tren/deca. If i do get hold of caber is it wise to keep it on hand IN CASE of sides?

yeah , never underestimate any kind of steroids , some people even show gyno 4 month later after their full pct… prolactin is a tricky hormone , everyone has different reaction in cycle , you can take a chance , or you can prepare everything you might need before action , i know a FAMOUS ugl selling legit caber , sorry can’t talk source here , but it shouldn’t hard to find by yourself

deca dbol an test-e thats a lot of aromitization you better have some letro on deck and some aromasin or caber

Looks pretty good, I’d recommend deca at 300mg myself though.
I don’t have an opinion on the pct as I don’t pct.
Estrogen rebound is a myth per se, but it’s about ratios- your test drops and so does your estrogen but the estrogen balance can get high- but it has nothing to do with rebound.