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Second Cycle Advice


I haven’t posted here in a long time. I need some advice on my second cycle. I’ve read the stickies, and over the last 20 years I’ve read probably everything from Bill Roberts, Bruce, CY, and Dan Duchane.

About me
My training age is 20 years, I am 34 years old now. I weigh 230lbs at about 13% body fat. My Bench is 310lb, Squat 500lb. I train to better myself in a tactical type job. My diet is based on CALORIE cycling. Off days I eat about 1200 calories, endurance days (x2 week) about 2000 calories, weight training/agility/Strongman (x3 week) days I eat between 4000 to 6000 calories (depending on intensity/volume). Protein varies from 150 to 300g, carbs from 50 to 300g. For fat, it varies, but I consume 10 to 20g daily of omega 3s.

My first cycle was a six week Tren only cycle about 15 years ago.

Finally my 12 week cycle:

W 1, day 1 Test Cyp 850mg
W 1, day 4 Test Cyp 200mg
W 2-10 Test Cyp 300mg E3D
W 1-4 Winny (oral) 50mg/D
W 1-13 Arimidex 0.50mg EOD
W 1-10 HCG 250iu EOD
W 11, day 1 Clomid 300mg, x3 100mg
W 11-14 Clomid 50mg ED

My reasoning for the Testosterone Cypinate 850mg and 200mg, frontload on day one and 4 is to get my daily absorption rate over 83mg ASAP. My daily adsorption rate will maintain at about 83mg for the entire 10 week cycle.


  1. Biotest Alpha Male, starting week 14 to 16.
  2. Fish oil, 10g daily.
  3. Pre/during/post protein shake, original Surge type formula. About 100g protein, 50g carbs.
  4. Biotest Elite Mineral Pro.
  5. Vit D, 4000IU day.
  6. Min 30g fiber per day.
  7. Iodine/potassium salt on almost everything.

So let me have it fellas, what changes do you suggest to make it a more robust cycle?

Thank you.


your clomid won’t end in week 12. Remember you need to leave time for your test levels to fall before you start taking it.


That’s almost a gram a week and i dont see any AIs in your list. At that level, its reasonable to assume your E2 will increase due to aromatization. Dont want gyno brother


After more research, I’m adding Proviron at 100mg/day. Also, at dam near a gram of Test per week, I’m taking out Oxymetholone. I don’t think it’s really needed, and poses more risk then it’s worth. At least in the context of this cycle. So just Test, and the auxiliarys.

Initial post now reflects this change.

Any opinions.


Gotcha, Im planning on taking Clomid throughout this cycle, starting day one with Bill Roberts protocol (above).

At week 10, the Test daily absorption rate should be around 50mg. By week 12, it’s close to 10mg. Im thinking that’s very low and shouldn’t effect LH production too much. Also, I’m changing the Alpha Male start week to 11 (3 weeks in duration).


Also, I added a week to my Clomid schedule. So now ending it on week 13. 4 weeks after I stop the Test. At week 13 there should be very little Test left.


I’ve edited this cycle again and changed it to reflect my current knowledge level. How’s it look, any recommendations…


Running an AI and HCG throughout the cycle. With that said, is clomid really needed thoughtout the cycle, or can I start it two weeks before the last injection, and run it to week 13?


you’re taking clomid the whole way through? Why?


That’s my question. Is it really needed? I’ve read a few sources, who push that if used throughout the cycle, it may make recovery easier.


Yeah that doesn’t work. We have blood work on here to prove it.

An AI and hCG are to be used on cycle. Save the clomid for after.


I’m thinking I start the clomid at week 8 and run it to week 13./?


What? No. Use the clomid after the cycle for PCT.


So start it week 10 (last test injection) to week 13?


No you need to wait while the test esters clear. Once your test levels have lowered to about the physiological range is when you use PCT drugs.


Week 11-14? The daily absorption rate starts to dip hard on week 11 (50 to 20mg). Eventually hitting about 20mg by week 12. Sounds like a perfect time to start the Clomid.


yeah my maths isn’t good enough to work it out but I’ll trust that yours is. I actually usually start my clomid a little early just to be on the safe side.


Thank you for your help.


de nada, mate. Good luck with it all