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Second Cycle Advice


Hi guys, long time lurker of these forums, thought may as well join in the fun. I'm planning on starting my second cycle in a few months time, I'm basically using the same 12 week cycle as my first but possibly with the addition of EQ. The cycle would be:

250 mg Test E (pinned 2x week, weeks 1-12)
200 mg EQ (pinned 2x week, weeks 1-12)
40 mg Dbol (per day weeks 1-4)
Adex (0.25 EOD weeks 1-12)
HCG (500iu 1x week, weeks 2-11)
PCT - Novadex (40/40/40/20)

So, would it be worth adding in the EQ, or just sticking with the test as it's only my second cycle? (If yes, should it be front loaded btw?)

Age: 24
Height: 5'10
Weight: 215 pounds
Bodyfat %: 12-15
Years training: 8
Goal: Get Hyooge

Thanks a lot guys


no eq
increase test dose
increase adex dose


Thank you sir, Adex will be 0.5 EOD, but do you think it would be worth bumping the test up to 750 mg or slightly raising it to 600 mg per week?

Btw, I've learned quite a lot from your posts regarding AAS, so I'd like your opinion for future reference on what compounds you feel are most appropriate to introduce after a couple of test only cycles? thanks


750mg is fine..

npp is good, deca is good, and tren is good

imo you should only use deca if you are on trt


OK brilliant, thanks a lot for your responses


if u run eq(if it is legit) u should run it in dose between 800-1gr for 14-16weeks coz kicks in around 10week...


Thanks mate, didn't realise it had such long esters!