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Second Cycle Advice


I have successfully done one test only cycle earlier this year (250mg for 8 weeks).

I initially planned to use primo and var alongside it this time but i just can't afford it right now.

I was thinking about running another test only cycle at 250mg again, but one thing I learned from my first cycle is that I seem to be extremely sensitive to the side effects from test.

So was thinking of taking some non-aromatizing compounds along side it instead. My aim here is primarily strength and lean gains. Gaining shere size doesn't interest me.
So I don't really feel that I need to dose any substance in the stack too aggressively and would prefer to keep dosages in the low range, since this is only my second cycle I want to see how well I will respond to low dosages.

Here is the plan -

Week 1
sustanon 250mg

Week 2-4
200mg test e
200mg eq
300mg Masteron
20mg Tbol

Week 4-6
200mg test e
200mg eq

Week 6-8
300mg Masteron
20mg Tbol

I want to keep the cycles relatively short, since i'm not sure about long cycles being too good for HPTA recovery etc

I don't think I will need AI but I have some nolva handy this time, which (along with hcg) I will also use for PCT beginning in week 7.

Current stats -
Age 21
Height 6'
Weights 88kg at 12%Bf


Sensitive to testosterone side effects but dont plan on getting an AI. pure genius.

Aside from that. One of the worst cycle designs Ive ever seen. Honestly everything is completely fucked up.


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Since you're such a smartass know-it-all why don't you tell me what's so bad about it?

I'm not one of you juice monkeys who just pump yourself full of tren, hgh and take the most hepatoxic orals in a pitiful attempt to get huge and rely on steroids rather than hard training and a good diet, but then when you off-cycle you piss away most of those gains and can barely handle even half the numbers in the gym! I prefer my muscle to be somewhat functional and see steroids as a 'supplement' rather than the means to an end.

No offence but your comments really pissed me off - nothing but mindless criticizing.

But just so you know

Week 1 Sust -
"250 mgs in a single cc provides a hefty dose of androgen that you will feel within minutes of injection. This may also be the reason behind the libido enhancing effects. Since you get such a whopping does so quickly after the first dosing, the HPTA has yet to shut down so you�¢??re still producing your own T, PLUS an additional 250 mgs."

Week 2 - 4
Tbol kick start with fast acting injectable masteron also used for tapering in the final two weeks.

200mg test e/ eq - do I need to explain these choices too???


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