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Second Cycle Advice


Hey, Just came off my first cycle. I did 500mg test-e a week for 12 weeks and nolvadex for pct. I went from about 190 to 210 now two months after pct

Traing hard two years
Want to build mass
Bench 235 max
Squat 315 max
Dead 415 max
10% bf
6 foot tall

I am feeling great and ready to start my next cycle.

Here is what i have:

3 vials of test-e 10 ml @250mg per ml

1 vile of Equipoise 5ml @300mg per ml

1 vile of Npp 10ml @150mg per ml

100 caps of Dianabol @20mg per cap

For AI I have 100 caps of Arimidex @1mg per cap

For PCT I have 100 caps of Nolvadex @20mg per cap

EDIT: Here is what i was thinking

1-12 test-e @ 200mg twice a week
1-5 equipoise @ 150mg twice a week
1-10 NPP @ 75mg twice pe week
1-8 d-bol @ 40mg ED

I am not sure how to use what NPP i have most effectivley, and I will use my remaining vial of test to test taper.

I would like to do another 12 week cycle, i have also been thinking of using one of the test vials to do a test taper. Winter is comin up so I wanna eat like a pig and pile on the mass. Any suggestions as how to arrange my cycle would be massivley appreciated!




Make a cycle suggestion and people will help you. No one will do your work. It will only be beneficial for you to search through the internet and learn more.




Second cycle?

Test e.
Ai if you don’t like a little bloat
Nolva for PCT. That’s it.


Ok guys, I wrote up in the original post what i would like to do. I would just like some advice on NPP usage. Any other suggestions appreciated


phenyl prop ester should be injected ED-EOD