Second Cycle Advice

Been training for about 5 years first year shouldn’t count considering i graduated hs at about 160 cutting for wrestling etc lol im 23 about 215 right now 6’0 12% body fat been kinda sloppy trying to add mass got a little carried away with what and when i was eating the past few months getting diet dialed in now making sure thats in check before hand

anyway last cycle was test and deca 500 test 400 deca about a year ago had pretty good results been researching since then reading forums etc

was thinking about test e and equipoise 14 week cycle 2 of those finishing with prop and head into pct 500 mg test 400 eq

.25 arimidex eod would like to know opinion on this ran it last time but open to suggestions as well

open to any suggestions and what doses have worked best i have an idea but im not jumping into anything again until i get it dialed in and because its my second cycle i read a lot about just running test would like to know everyones opinions on this
thanks for the help.

Be clearer with your cycle plans

Lay it out as so:

Drug A - Dose - Weeks X-Y
Drug B - Dose - Weeks X-Y

Drug - Dose - Weeks

Drug - etc

sorry bro,

arimidex .25 eod throughout

test ethanate 500 mg week 1-12
equipoise 400 mg weeks 1-12
test prop 250 mg weeks 13 and 14
going to pct week 15


was thinking just nolvadex as i used last time seemed to work ok but im no expert if im wrong on this as well as the rest call me out live and learn open to any advice
nolvadex 40 mgs/day first 2 weeks tapering to 20 mgs a day last 2 weeks

thanks again

PCT is good.

The only recommendations I have is to frontload both of the long estered drugs. Blood levels of both hormones will peak much faster and you should start seeing results sooner rather than waiting for 3-6 weeks.

May as well run 500mg of prop those last two weeks also unless you only have a certain amount.

the prop is no biggy its like water around here lol and i was also considering that so will do
as for the front loading just run double the first week to spike levels only concern i have is amount i will be cuttin it close finishing up my senior year in college working part time so been putting this together for awhile and how much you think i would increase the sides front loading lacking experience in this department ?

last cycle i got from a site a buddy of mine uses was kinda sketchy gear was fine have the eq and prop still looking into other options as well on getting the test
appreciate the response/info