Second Cycle Advice - Test/D-Bol

Hey guys, appreciate all the help from my last cycle. I hit some road bumps on the way through it and ended up being a bit haphazard with the addition of compounds, but I got very good results overall. Here is the link to my first thread:

Overall I lost about 25 pounds and 7% BF. I was definitely please with my results.

I plan to start a bulk at the end of June with the following:

-Week 1-12: 750 mg/week Test Cyp (250 mg MWF)
-Week 1-4: 30 mg/day DBOL (10 mg 3x/day)
-Week 8-12: 50 mg/day Proviron
-Week 1-12: 250 iu/MWF HCG
-Week 1-12: 25 mg/week Aromasin (12.5 mg 2x/week)

I am on TRT, so no PCT. Will have a SERM onhand if gyno appears.

I run HCG and Aromasin with my TRT anyway, so these are nothing new.

Plan to run the DBOL just for the first 4 weeks as a kickstart and some extra strength gains.

I am adding the Proviron in at the end to help with libido and erection quality, which have been shit lately. Surprisingly, libido and erections were very high while on the test/tren. Not so much since I have come off. I think my DHT is low (will confirm with bloodwork) hence the desire to give proviron a testrun.

Any comments/criticisms are welcome.


So I take it from the absence of responses that my cycle is so perfect that no criticism is needed? LOL

Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on the use of proviron and your experiences with it.

I am not an experienced juicer… but you might want to look into aromasin dosing. Looks like you are running the same dose you would on TRT doses of test. I think you might want to bump it up a little bit for 750 mg of test plus the dbol. Proviron will not make up for it (from what I have read). I think at least 12.5 mg asin per day is possibly warranted for that dose of test, if not even more. I could be wrong.

^^^ I was thinking the same thing, but I honestly have no clue. I think 12.5 mg/Day would be a bit too much. That would be the equivalent of taking 3.5 mg of Adex per week–I’ve never seen any that high.

I was thinking 12.5 mg corresponding with his injection days (MWF) would probably be adequate.

The real thing to keep in mind is symptoms. Would be great if you could get bloodwork done halfway through or something to see where the E2 is at.

Balla: Thanks for the advice. I actually went to get bloodwork done today as I have been having some serious muscle/joint soreness. To the point that it is actually effecting my ability to train. Muscles that I haven’t even worked are sore and my back and shoulders are amazingly stiff.

Has anyone had this type of reaction on Test? I finished up my DBol phase a couple weeks ago so right now I am just on test at 750 mg/week (250 3x/week) and 37.5 mg Aromasin (12.5 3x/week on injection days).

This is absolutely miserable and I am considering stopping my cycle if the bloodwork doesn’t reveal anything ground breaking. I’m thinking it is possible I am an over responder to the AI and it has crashed my E2, hence the joint pains and such. But its hard to wrap my head around since 750 is quite a high dose, compared to my normal TRT dose, and not much more Aromasin. So I don’t know if the half pill extra per week would really overcome nearly 4x the test amount. I guess I will find out when the bloods come back.

Anyone with advice is most appreciated at this point. Even to tell me to suck it up lol

Well it looks like the E2 could be the problem.

This is while taking 12.5 mg MWF. Should I up this to 25 mg MWF? Or would that be too much? Something like 12.5 two days on, one day off might also work. What do you guys think?

Just a quick update.

After the bloodwork I upped my Aromasin dose to 25 mg MWF and this helped tremendously with the pain I was experiencing. Still not completely fine since I do have a back injury, but the lowered E2 helped out a ton in that regard.

I shortened the cycle to 10 weeks as my motivation to train and eat heavy was starting to wain with all the pain I was experiencing and frankly my gains were not exactly what I was expecting. I gained 12 pounds or so from this cycle and my strength increases were negligible. Sitting at around 288 in the mornings right now with a bit more fat than I started with, so I don’t even know how much of the gains were muscle vs. fat and water.

I just don’t think I was in a good starting position for this with my injuries and pain and tried to force a round peg into a square hole with the cycle. On top of that, I just don’t seem to react very positively to test. I was very surprised at the lack of strength gained on this cycle.

Gonna take this fall to heal myself up a bit and take another run at a cycle sometime this winter. Will probably be low test with high tren, and a bit of T3 to keep fat gain to a minimum.