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Second Cycle Advice/Questions


Hey Lads.

Just finished my first cycle of Test E @ 500mg P/W. 2 x 250mg shots per week. During cycle I didn’t get any side affects at all as in ball shrinkage, gyno nipple and acne ect. Does this mean I am not genetically prone to these side affects?

And also wanting some advice for my next cycle and what a good 2nd cycle would be, deca,dbol,tren ect.

Cheers boys!


lucky, I got all of them LOL…you 100% you had legit gear?

Not a guarantee but strong chance that you have good side genes.


Masteron +test has been amazing for my 2nd. I am only running 250mg test every 6th day and 600mg mast every 6th day but it has great strength effects, no sides and great mood and I am not running any arimidex etc with no gyno issues.