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Second Cycle Advice Please

I just got my hands on 20mLs of 250mg Test Prop and am planning a cycle of 500mg/week for 10 weeks. My question is this: I have 5mL of 250mg Test Enanthate left over from my last cycle…can someone please advise me on the best possible use for this 5mL? I was thinking to use it either as a frontload at the start (or maybe I should frontload the prop instead…), or include it at the end of the cycle to boost my stagnating gains.


Are you saying your test prop is concentrated at 250mg/ml? If so, I have never heard of prop at that high concentration since it would normally not “hold” at much above 100mg/ml.

Test Prop also tends to be painful at higher concentrations so that is another thing to consider.

Can you confirm it is indeed test prop and also that the concentration you noted is not a typo?

I was told by my dealer that it was 250mg/ml prop but I appreciate that in actual fact it could be complete BS and so I really have no idea what the concentration is. Incidentally though the conc of my prop is ultimately irrelevant to my dilema because what I have is what I have, be it 250mg prop or 75mg prop, and i’m trying to make the best use of it :slight_smile:

What you have is what you have? But it seems to me you don’t know what you have so it would be very difficult to use it. If you dose assuming it is 250mg/ml and it is 100… you will be under by 300mg/wk, if you dose assuming it is 100mg/ml, you will be over by a mere 750mg/wk!

Anyway, ya could use it as a frontload:

Day 1: Test E ~400mg
Wk1-10: Test P 500mg/wk

or you could make a ‘blend’ from it:

Wk1-8 150mg Test E
Wk1-10 350mg Test P

or just save it for your next long estered cycle. Many stockpile AAS and it is very nice to be able to pick up 10-20ml of Eq for example, if you fancy it :wink:

A concentration of 250mg/ml sure as hell WILL be relevant to your dilemma. IF you could even get it to keep from crashing, every shot would almost certainly be so painful as to be near-literally crippling.

The likelihood, however, is that either he or you are mistaken, and he means enth. In which case, your question is pretty well answered.

After thinking about it, it quickly hit me that the conc of my prop is very relevant, as you all pointed out. Sorry to DH for jumping the gun earlier.

Im 99% sure its prop because I was given the choice to buy enanthate as well. DH (or anyone else), could you please tell me the highest conc of prop that you’ve commonly come across? Hopefully my stuff isnt as low as 100mg/ml, as I paid top dollar for it (Australia sucks) :(.

I think il going to try and get my dealer to change it for the enanthate, which is more likely to be dosed higher (or would this assumption be way off too?)

Highest dosage I have personally seen was brewed by an individual and it was 200mg/ml and I was told firsthand that it was a very uncomfortable test (and I’m being kind in my use of terms here).

Now you’re talking about a brew that is 50mg higher than the highest I have ever seen. And don’t forget that prop is notorious for being a painful test in general. I have personally not found this to be the case, but then I only use gear I brew myself, and even then I keep my prop to 100mg/ml, so make of that what you will.

You brought up another good point. If most people are ignorant, and most are, a dealer could just say that his prop is 250mg/ml (especially in Oz, yes I am WELL aware of the customs situation you guys unfortunately have to deal with). Who is going to be the wiser or say a damned thing when this dealer is probably the only one on the block. Most guys who don’t homebrew don’t realize that it is not nearly so simple as just throwing enough powder into some oil, BA and BB and achieving a lovely 250mg/ml mix. Maybe with certain esters, but things start to get more complicated the shorter your ester gets.

If your dealer is selling enanthate (likely dosed at somewhere around 250mg/ml) then, if he is the only source you have, I would try that over his 250mg/ml “prop,” which is likely, IME, to be either the exact same thing, or to cripple you.

Again, I really do feel for you. I would never, ever move to Australia, and I’d probably move to another country if I did live there. I have met plenty of cool aussies, but you guys’ government and the laws it creates regarding gun control and AAS and a few other things I just could never, ever tolerate.

It sounds like it isn’t actually prop, but some other type of testosterone.

IF it is indeed prop though, you’d probably be injecting EOD, and at 250mg/ml I think the other guys are right that you’d be near crippled.

I would spread out the enanthate over the course of your whole cycle if it was me. You would have a higher weekly dose of test, and with the long half life i don’t think that it would work well to throw in for a few weeks like say dbol or winny.

Thanks for the help guys. I’m going to go and try to change this stuff to my dealers’ enanthate tomorrow.

As a side note for Cortes: I actually have access to another dealer, but wanted to try this new guy for my 2nd cycle because I felt my first guys enanthate was significantly under dosed. You may/may not be interested to know that both of these guys told me that they don’t homebrew their stuff, but rather they import it from overseas in 500mL ‘bladders’ and then bottle it themselves. The impression I got is that the majority of gear available in Aus is sourced in this way.