Second Cycle Advice: EQ or Masteron?

Hey guys!

It has been over 3 years since my last cycle which was 12 weeks at 500mg test C. With covid finally coming to an end I am wanting to do a second cycle to get the gains back.

I don’t blast and cruise or want to take liver harming orals I’m limited to my choices that won’t leave me suppressed.

My 2 plan ideas are test 500 Equipoise 600 for 14 weeks. Not in love with the length but it is needed for EQ.


650 test and 400 mast as the mast will allow me to get away with more test. Now I know masteron isn’t very anabolic and I’ll get bashed for considering it in a bulk. But what are your opinions on the 2?

They will both give me very lean, dry, vascular gains which is what I want. The mast will free up more test as well. How much less anabolic can it be than test?

What about DHB or primo?

Primo is too expensive for me at 100 per 100ml.
I can’t get my hands on DHB but the liver issues scare me.

Would love a 600 primo blast but I haven’t won the lottery yet.

First every single AAS suppresses you it just varies with how quick, how much at a given dose, and time for recovery to some extent.

I mentioned tine for recovery, EQ is going to be a longer drawn out recovery which means a longer time with less than ideal test levels which effects what you keep.

Using mast in a bulk is actually a good idea in my book. It will help make what you gain be quality. It will also help lower SHBG which in turn helps free up more test (or other hormones). Mast won’t necessarily help you gain an extra five pounds but it will help for a couple but it’s main selling point is it will make the pounds you get from the test better vs without mast.

The actual androgenic to anabolic ratio of Masterson is 25-40 / 62-130
Testosterone is 100 / 100
Equipoise is 50 / 100

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You can find more reasonably priced primo at 200mg/ml at certain trusted sources if you shop around. That’ll be my go-to next cycle.


Leanness and dryness of gains is diet, not drug related. Some drugs just hold more water while you are ON them, but the muscle gained is identically the same. When you get back on cruise(which is the only way to do it, of course) and lose the water, the muscle that remains is exactly the same gained on primo or deca.

Aaaanyways… if EQ and mast are only options then you have only 1 option - EQ… masteron does not grow anything unless you are completely undertrained, which you are not judging by your profile picture. Masteron wont put on a single pound of weight on you - its only a cosmetic finisher.

Be careful with EQ dosage as it will eat your e2 and after some 10 weeks you might find it very low… My e2 is in low-normal range on 400 test and 150 eq… since i like my e2 a bit higher, i will be dropping eq cuz there is no place for even a low dose on 400mg of test… for me, 500t and 600eq would mean my e2 is 0…

edit : you can look into tren enanthate, btw… 500 test and some 200-300 tren would be a nice one.
npp doesnt bloat also, but i have no experience with it so i cant help with this one…
also Anavar is not liver toxic for some 2 months, and you might like it.
there is also injectable winny…

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I definitely get that all steroids suppress you. I just mainly am aiming to stay away 19 nors that can wreak havoc on your hpta for up to 18 months.

Good to know those anabolic ratios. Mast really isn’t that much less than EQ

Have any names of places that you could dm me?

Since this was 3 years ago, why not just bang out another 12-16 weeks on just test? See what you can get out of it. Then add more compounds for the next cycle? Save up for that Primo


I like this idea the most, from a harm reduction standpoint. I also believe it will be moderately to highly effective since you have had so much time off.

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@wsmwannabe I definitely get where you guys are coming from with that and it has crossed my mind. But here is my concern. After another 3 years of steady lifting getting closer to my genetic max. I’m not sure I want to shut my balls off for 12 weeks and go through a recovery again only to put in like 6-8lbs of muscle from just 500 test.

I put on 22lbs the last time and only lost 2 after pct.

I’m 5’11 184 11% BF now. How much would another 500 test cycle do?

Sure but only within the EU. Nothing US domestic

I get that

But you did this last time, and last time was 500mg test, right?

If you did that last cycle 6 months ago I’d say go ahead and add more compounds, but growth compounds. After 3 years natural I’d bet you get good response from test, eat big. Go up to 750mg if you want


Agreed. Primo/mast, you might not gain much… But you actually tend to keep what you gain.

None if that extensive, extreme glycogen/water/electrolyte retention leading to a rapid 15lb ballooning in size. Then you become accustomed to that awesome aesthetic of looking pumped up all the time… But it’s temporary

Aside from the cosmetic effect elicited from primo/mast the lean mass accrual seems to be (mostly) permenant.

Both can fuck up lipids pretty bad though. “Dirty bulking” with bad lipids and perhaps impaired glucose tolerance isn’t good long term.

Do you think 350 primo for 13 weeks alongside 650 test would be enough to see the benefits from the primo?

I would suggest running it the other way around and letting the primo shine.
600 primo
400 test
I ran this earlier in the year and was happy with the results.


What about just dropping primo and upping test? Whats your toughts? @s.gentz @unreal24278

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I don’t feel comfortable telling people what to use. Everyone reacts differently.

What works for you or I might not work for this guy. What should he use? How will it affect him (positive and negative…)

Who knows?

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It’s his second cycle and he wants to bulk so that’s a great idea. Diet will be the key anyway. I think adding in the primo would help him keep more of what he gains though but in my limited experience with primo he should run it higher if he’s gonna run it.

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You’re not going to put on 6-8lbs of muscle in 12 weeks on test/EQ either. If adding 5lbs of actual muscle tissue in one cycle isn’t enough then I would advise skipping any and all future cycles. Go buy 5lbs of steaks tonight and lay them out. Look at them and tell me that’s not a tremendous amount of muscle to add to your frame in four months.

Because the ester is so big your 12 weeks of EQ is a lot closer to six weeks of maximized potential. That’s not very long. But the good news is that it’s likely very hard to manage your e2, so you’ll be getting a smaller benefit and a potentially huge pain in the ass in exchange for it.

Just run test again. There’s no reason why you can’t do exactly what worked before. You already know how you react to it and there won’t be any learning curve. Run it for 16 weeks, put on some size, then go be off for however long you’d like. There’s very little downside.