Second Cycle Advice and First Cycle Results

So I ran my first cycle 7 months ago. I ran test-e with tren-e because that was pretty much all I could get my hands on and I was super curious about trying tren. At the start of the cycle I did a dexa scan and results said I was 9.6%bf (I honestly think the dexterity scan is slightly low for me). And I weighed in at 179 pounds at only 5"7. After the cycle I did another dexa at was 189 pounds at 7.6% bf(again I don’t think I’m this low). During my cycle I increased my daily calories from 2750 to 3200 by adding 30 g of protien and about 110g of carbs.

My 1rpm strength gains were the most impressive, my bench when up 30kg!! And my squat and deadlift around 40kg. I am very happy with these results but honestly accpected more size gain from what I had read. (Claims to gain 15kg in 12weeks).

I ran test at 800 and tren at 400 pw. Had pct and all that. I had no sides apart from becoming slightly more alpha I guess and really horny which my gf didn’t seem to mind. Oh and also so shoulder and back Acne but not much

I want to run another cycle because the enjoyment I got from going to gym and training was incredible. My goal is still to add a lot of muscle but not much fat/ water weight so I’m hesitant with dexa. I was wondering, should I run the same cycle again or is there something I can add which will help me gain some more size?

I know the risks I am taking, I waited 5 years before touching steriods and I am happy to face my consequences to get the most out of the sport I love so please no hate.