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Second Cycle, 21 Years Old

Hello all, long time reader first time posting.

I have learned a lot from these forums and find great information everyday. In February of this year i did my first cycle at age 20 (maybe i was too young) I found I made a lot of gains and kept alot of them too. It was a pretty simple stack but aggressive for a first time;
250 mg Sust 2 times weekly 6 weeks
weeks 2-6 Anadrol 50/100/100/50
pct clomid and nolva.

Now moving forward to this February my plan is 10 weeks;
t400 weeks 1-6
tbol weeks 1-6
weeks 6-4 clen and test cyp or primo i havent really decided.

I guess my question is is this cycle too much? not enough? what can i do to make it better? what doses should i administer? anything would help.

I am 21 175 pounds at 5’10 inches. approx 15% body fat. Goal is to lean out at 10% weighing 195, and ofcourse be faster, stronger, better.

Whats your program? Your diet? You are in the wrong section.

STOP TAKING AAS!!! At your age and size with good training and diet you would see cycle like results. At that size I did at 28.

This isnt happening in 10 weeks with all the drugs.

yeah i wasnt expecting to get there in 10 weeks its an overall goal for my lifetime really. I had a good experience on my last cycle it makes lifting more fun, its a new learning curve im starting to like, and I havent made any gains in the past 8 months natty so i want to start again. this is the pharma group? isnt this for cycle talk?

you say you learned a lot from these forums then go on to ask us about cycle questions and if you are too young? so what did you learn about exactly?

In contrast to the slightly negative replies you’ve got already, I will simply ask you this:

Have you considered that by incorporating peptides alongside your AAS, you can get better rersults that with AAS alone, yet at LOWER AAS doses, therefore reducing your likelihood of AAS-induced side-effects.

I’m not really talking about the GHRPs here. They work well for ‘life extention’/youthfulness/metabolic age reduction, but do little for muscle accretion.

I’m talking about a well-made IGF1 LR3, for muscle growth. And GH frag 176-191 to activate lipolysis.

Do me a favour… drop the f**king clen. It’s proper 'orrible, outdated shit IMO. You can make better choices lol.