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Second Comp, Australian Nationals


Here is footage of my comp at the 2013 Australian Nationals.


Nice lifting!! What weight class?? I missed it at the beginning. Always good to go 6 for 6!!


Thanks man :slight_smile:



Strong Jerk after the tough 133cn. Congrats.

What did you need to qualify? Just wondering.



Hey Koing,

Like I said in my VLOG preceding this video, I only found out I qualified after my first comp so I wasn’t aware of any qualifying weights and don’t have ready access to those numbers now. An educated guess was a 210kg total. OL isn’t very popular in Australia so based on the turn out from the previous year(s) they lowered the qualifying criteria to include class C lifters and up.


The embedded video didn’t show any videos after it. I guess watching it on youtube would have shown the VLOG video?

I took a look at the australian website and couldn’t find any link to the qualification total. WHY are the websites so f0cking hard to find the totals?!

2008 British weightlifting or so lowered the totals as well. 85 was 260 and then then got moved down to 245. There are talks of moving up the English standards up but they haven’t been announced yet. This year the English Champs had to be split over 2 days as they had so many people qualify.



I just had a quick look myself and couldn’t see it. The only time I saw it was pinned up on a cork board at gym. Quite sure it was 210kg but can’t confirm. Next time I’m at gym I’ll see if it’s still there and let you know.


The Queensland Weightlifting Association website has all of the qualification standards up in their resources section, along with a lot of other info. Lots of good articles and such on this site as well. Mens 85kg C grade total is 209 kilos, next level up is 242.


There you go. Thanks BLUE