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Second Coming of Hitler?


Here is a link to the news story related to Iran requiring coloured badges for non-muslims to make them easily identifiable. Yellow for Jews, Red for Christians, and blue for Zoroastrians. This so blatantly copies the Nazi move with the Jews in WWII that it makes me wonder if the head guy pictures himself as a second coming of Hitler. Any thoughts??


crazy is as crazy does


It still has to be approved by Ali Khamenehi, but that is prety much a foregone conclusion. Some prety fucked up stuff if you ask me. Nothing like giving the world community another reason to hate you though, especially when you're already under a microscope - could bring the europeans around to being more proactive in this Iran mess given their holocost history.


Here's your link:



Isn't this insane? This is how it starts isn't it? Little yellow stars at first and before you know it, concentration camps and WWIII. I can see it now: Iran starts offing its Jewish population, Isreal and the US intercede, China/Russia jump in on the side of Iran, and WWIII starts off with a bang.


First of all, read my post from 05/10 (9 days ago) on this other thread:


China and Russia will never defend Iran militarily. They hate Muslim fundamentalists as much as the next guy, and they clearly have better things to do with their money.

They might sell Iran arms before a war starts, but the moment a war does start they will just lock down their borders, step back and watch.


Another fine idea brought to us by... religous zealots.


Let's define it further: "Muslim Zealots."

I don't remember Falwell or Robertson (both very conservative fundamentalist Christians) wanting to "badge" all the non Christians.


They don't need to; they will just say "you need to be saved" to everybody that is not saying "you need to be saved" already back at them.

That's my new approach for avoiding the preaching: The moment I see an Evangelical Christian approaching, I'll just shout "You need to be saved!" real loud and save them the trouble.


I read that this story was either made up or very poorly sourced.


I didn't think you would be far behind if Christian bashing was even remotely possible.

How do you ever control yourself when at the front of your class? Oh that's right you don't have to.



"Maurice Motammed, a Jewish member of Iran's parliament, dismissed the report as "a complete fabrication" and told AFP in Tehran, "It is a lie, and the people who invented it wanted to make political gain."

Story is complete BS. Probably made up to stir public opinion in favor of military action against Iran.


Check this out:


I suspect this Iran article is along the same lines.


I guess Iran has Oil too.


Right, Vroom, we Christians want you atheists to wear an armband with a picture of your hero Charles Darwin on it...................

......is your IQ over 10?


Time to go into Iran and take care of business............

.......but I know the wimps on this site will just shutter at that thought. Perhaps we should wait until all the Jews of Iran (if there are any left) are killed and this maniac gets a nuke.........


Has the article been pulled?


"Idiots for Israel"

The Iranian "badge" story: Neo-con propaganda
Google the name Amir Taheri and you will find that his writings are published by National Review, the New York Post, the Jerusalem Post and the Weekly Standard. But more significant is that he is sponsored by Benador Associates, http://www.benadorassociates.com/

Lobbying on Iran, groups strive to play down the Jewish angle
NEW YORK, May 10 (JTA) -- With concern mounting over Iran's atomic ambitions, the American Jewish community is lobbying intensively to ensure that the threat is taken seriously by the United States, the media and the world.

Careful to avoid giving the impression that it's primarily an issue of Jewish or Israeli concern, however, U.S. Jewish groups are taking pains to highlight the greater regional and global threats posed by a nuclear Iran and its Holocaust-denying president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"We have to mobilize public opinion in this country and around the word to understand the serious threat that this represents," Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of President of Major American Jewish Organizations, told JTA.

The American Jewish Committee bought ads last month in The New York Times, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune and New York Sun, asking, "Suppose Iran one day gives nuclear devices to terrorists. Could anyone anywhere feel safe?"

The idea, said David Harris, the AJCommittee?s executive director, was "to make sure that the global threat was understood, as opposed only to the Israel dimension."

Jewish groups have vigorously lobbied American and international leaders, and have held meetings to educate members of the media.

During its Washington policy conference in March, members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee held more than 450 meetings with members of Congress in which Iran was among the major topics of discussion, AIPAC spokeswoman Jennifer Cannata said.

Not that the Jewish lobby has any major influence over the US congress at all. 450 meetings in one month by a foreign government lobby to push us into another war should not be construed as excessive influence.

BTW, Jimmy Carter is Hitler too.



The story is complete BS. Jews in Iran are treated very well- they are gauranteed representation in Iran's congress that exceeds their population by 1000% and have complete religious freedom.

Here's an interesting article from the net:

"While the Iranian regime has been engaging in public displays of hatred against Israel in recent months, with the country's president calling for Israel's destruction and denying the Holocaust, behind the scenes the picture seems very different.

In recent weeks the Muslim republic has been enjoying the skills of Israeli experts recruited to help with rehabilitating the country after recent earthquakes have caused massive damages and devastation.

Three Israeli infrastructure consultants who returned to Israel at the end of the week from a secret visit in Iran on the invitation of
a Tehran official, told Israel's leading daily Yedioth Ahronoth they were stunned by their stay in the country.

"We were amazed to discover the gap between Israel's public conflict with Iran, and the depth of the commercial cooperation between the countries, estimated at dozens of millions of dollars a year. We were greeted warmly and felt no hostility on the part of our hosts," one of the Israeli experts said.

The Israeli consultants were sent to Iran on behalf of a Dutch company that is partly owned by an Israeli. The company recruited the Israeli engineers and advisors, who specialize in infrastructure rehabilitation works, and flew them to Iran with special travel passes.

'Surprise' awaiting in Busher

The head of the mission, a 47-year-old Israeli who visited Iran five times in the last 15 years, recounted the visit. "Upon arriving at the airport in Tehran we were greeted by a government employee? from there we were taken to a luxurious hotel located near the Jewish district. We were escorted by a security guard during our entire stay."

"The grand infrastructure works Israel has carried out here made a huge impression on us? we got there with the construction plans that were kept in Israel until today," he explained.

"In recent years trade relations between Israel and Iran have blossomed in certain fields, mainly agriculture. The Iranians indirectly buy from Israel spare parts for machines, vegetable seeds, and water filtering systems," he stated.

According to the Israeli consultant, the most exciting part of the visit took place when the mission arrived in the Busher region, which made headlines recently due to the nuclear reactor located in the area. "Our escort, an English-speaker, told us: There is something else here in Busher, but this will be a surprise for you'."

Pesach in Tehran

In Tehran, the Israelis received a taste of a slightly different Iran. "In the evenings we went out in Tehran. Despite the fundamentalist Muslim appearance of its leaders, the capital's nightlife somewhat resemble the West's. There are a lot of youngsters who go out to discos, where the young women take off their veils and skirts and dance in jeans," he said.

The delegation also got to celebrate the Pesach holiday with the local Jewish community in Tehran, which comprises 26,000 people.

There were matzos and plenty of food and wine, everything you need for Pesach. The Jews there live their lives uninterrupted. They engage in trade and have their synagogues. However, since the new president's ascension to power, the atmosphere is definitely tense and the authorities guard the synagogues," he said.

Upon returning to Israel, the Israeli experts have already briefed a government official on the visit, and are expected to travel to Iran again in the coming months for more work.

The very fact of Iran inviting Israelis to help them means a lot. Their rulers may hate us, but their country obviously cannot do without us.


Turns out this story is 100% bullsh*t neo-con propoganda:

"There have been several diaries on the story that was published in the right-wing Canadian newspaper, The National Post, today. http://tinyurl.com/... which relied on Iranian exiles as sources. But significant is a companion piece by one, Amir Taheri, http://tinyurl.com/... What makes it significant is who Taheri is, who his associates are, and who sponsors him.

Google the name Amir Taheri and you will find that his writings are published by National Review, the New York Post, the Jerusalem Post and the Weekly Standard. But more significant is that he has sponsored by Benador Associates, http://www.benadorassociates.com/ an erstwhile public relations firm whose founder, Eleana Benador has major right-wing connections:

"Eleana Benador has been instrumental in helping to publicize key neoconservative figures in recent years, with her company Benador Associates serving as a principal neoconservative marketing agency. Writes journalist Jim Lobe: "Meet Eleana Benador, the Peruvian-born publicist for Perle, Woolsey, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney and a dozen other prominent neoconservatives whose hawkish opinions proved very hard to avoid for anyone who watched news talk shows or read the op-ed pages of major newspapers over the past 20 months.

Also found among her client list are other major war-boosters, including former New York Times executive editor and now New York Daily News columnist, A. M. Rosenthal; Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer; the Council on Foreign Relations' resident imperialist Max Boot; and Victor Davis Hanson, a blood-and-guts classicist and one of Vice President Dick Cheney's favorite dinner guests.

Aside from her success in getting her clients distributed all over the television dial at critical moments in the march to war, what is particularly remarkable about Benador is the speed with which she has built what is obviously a thriving business, based on 17- to 18-hour work days, the personal attention she gives to both her clients and her media contacts, and her conviction that what her clients say is true and right.

"In general, I do agree with their views," Benador told Inter Press Service during an interview in the plush lobby of what is Washington's only grand hotel in the European style, the Willard. "So when I represent them, I can really convince another person."

Another of Benador's big-name clients is Khidhir Hamza, an Iraqi nuclear scientist who fled several years ago to the United States, where he wrote a book claiming that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had a nuclear bomb.


As for Benador Associates, aside from Taheri, its clients include such prominent neo-cons such as James Woolsey, Michael Leeden, Frank Gaffney and Richard Perle.



So, in all likelihood, like the propaganda in the lead up to the Iraq war, this story is a neo-con plant seeking to support an attack on Iran."