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Second Colorado Experiment

While looking for interviews where Boyer Coe talked about steroid use, I stumbled across a reference to a Second Colorado Experiment. I was unable to locate the original interview. But from excerpts that were posted on Reddit, the story seems to be that Arthur Jones tried a second Colorado experiment with Boyer as the subject. He tried to use a training circuit similar to the West Point Experiment (rush factor). It failed to produce the expected result. The fallout from the failure of the experiment resulted in Boyer being fired by Jones. (Jones blamed Boyer for the failure.)

I’d never heard this story before, and it seems that little can be found on the internet. Just curious if Dr Darden, or anyone else knows more about this.

Maybe that coincides with the period I was just talking about in another thread where Boyer seemed relatively small in the videos where Jones and Mentzer had him doing some exercises on Nautilus machines? Those videos were pretty unimaginative and dry as videos go! Sort of like they were just going through the motions.

I was around Jones and Boyer Coe during the time period that you mentioned, but I never heard either one of them talk about a Second Colorado Experiment.

Jones was very interested in doing videos of Nautilus training and Boyer was his subject. But Jones lost interest quickly in many of his ongoing projects and the Boyer Coe project was no exception. So, Arthur would train Boyer for two or three consecutive times and then ask Mike Mentzer to fill in for him. Or perhaps he’d just tell Boyer to train himself on certain workout days.

Such training continued for 8 to 10 weeks. Some gains were made, but it was not noteworthy for publication. Someone called the workouts: “unimaginative and dry,” which was probably true.

I stepped in and trained Boyer for four weeks or so in the gym by my office (without videos being made) and we had some noticeable gains.

If memory serves me correctly I recall Jones outfitting a studio with many professional cameras etc etc yet the productions I’ve seen done in it or somewhere such as Boyer and the Mentzers working out left alot to be desired. Did he not hire a production crew to go along with the expensive cameras ? I work in the television production business and I would have killed to have been there making videos for Arthur!

Thanks for that background. I thought it was kind of weird that there would be no other sources of information to be found, other than a few quotes on a Reddit thread. Perhaps the quotes, taken out of context, convey an incorrect impression of what was said in the interview, or maybe it was only Boyer’s impression, after the fact, that this stretch of training was like a second Colorado experiment.

That was pretty much Boyer’s reaction to Jones’s TV studio. In the interview, he mentioned that he was working for a company called BodyMasters when Jones offerred him a job. When he went to visit, he was blown away by the studio that had been assembled in Florida. He said it looked like Jones had more production gear than ABC, NBC, and CBS combined. He decided right then to go to work for Jones, because he figured if the studio was used properly, and he was part of the business, there was an opportunity for him to end up rich.

I guess than at some point Jones lost interest in making videos and it went dormant ?

I can’t remember what else was going on at Nautilus when these videos of Boyer and such ended? Was that when Nautilus was starting to fall apart? I do remember a conversation where Jones was demonstrating a machine and he asked Ray Mentzer to get up and demonstrate it and he said No!! Shortly after that Jones fired him. I can’t imagine being there , working for Jones and getting paid to show off a machine and saying no! Jones must have got pretty disgusted with bodybuilders!


The story of the Mentzer’s and their stay at the Nautilus headquarters in 1983 is told in Chapter 9 of The New High Intensity Training.

Arthur Jones was not an easy man to work for. You had to be a self-starter to have a lasting employment with Jones.

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I just ran across that same Boyer Coe article you did about steroids and the second Colorado experiment. The article starts off in mid interview so you can’t come to any conclusions on that but there was other interesting stuff. One was how he said Author wanted him to do a rush factor type workout and Boyer didn’t want to do it. He had some interesting comments on Nautilus. He said something to the effect that he got stronger on Nautilus but didn’t ad on any muscle size. He talked about bench pressing 400 while weighing around 170 and still in high school and I think I read elsewhere that he went to steroids to help accomplish that. I’m not sure it was this article but I also read he was big into chins and early on he was able to do a one arm chin with either arm. The more I read about these guys like him the more I think they must have come from another planet.