Second Blast. Ideas?

Test / EQ is a good combo as EQ seems to not result in much E2 aromitazation. Some say EQ lowers E2 and acts like a mild AI (like Mast). I am not yet convinced of that.

You should see results with that cycle.

My first cycle was 325 mg test, for 13 weeks, and for the last 7 weeks var at 50 mg a day. I am on TRT already, and had a good amount of mass to start with 225 lbs @ 5’10" and ~20-22% bf (I know I am a bit fat, but I powerlift and this cycle was during meet prep). I did not get much out of it TBH (partly because I got the flu bad on my last week, and lost some gains). I will probably keep it simple next cycle and run 600 mg of test. I think it will do a lot more than Test / Var did.

I like this cycle much better. All are fairly friendly compounds. Another favorite of mine that you can run at milder doses and is libido friendly is Masteron. In fact Test and Mast will be the only injectable I’m ever going to run anymore unless I give Primo a shot but I doubt it. Just too costly.

Does Mast do much for building muscle? Compared to EQ? I know it lowers E2 and and provides a libido boost.

I’d be curious to know that as well. I was under the impression it & Proviron were more of a well being enhancer and to help keep some side effects at bay (libido for example).

if you powerlift and blast for a meet your bodyfat is okay but I’d run anadrol if I were to go for strength.

I WOULD indeed like libido support, I lost the libido boost halfway the blast . I was still hornier than before but goddamn the first few weeks of the blast was just me trying not to hit on every girl I see. (even 3/10 ones…)

now I DID forget to ask how long I should cruise for because the blast was 10 weeks. I honestly felt absolutely zero stress on my body except some aggressiveness , back acne and oily skin. should I wait until I drop the glycogen stores and water weight along with the bacne and oily skin? or wait 5 weeks (half of my blast length)?

Anadrol is certainly good for strength. It has some weird sides that I wasn’t comfortable with for a first cycle. It doesn’t convert into E2, but can cause gyno. I have heard it is from it’s effects on prolactin which would require caber or similar to combat.

Dbol is also really good for strength. Converts to E2 a bunch though. I guess I would rather use an AI with Dbol than run A-Bombs.

I am not great at powerlifting (best lifts if including gym and meet are 507, 365 and 565 for SBD @ ~220), so health is a high priority for me. Partly why I mostly just want to run test. I do know a few people who really only run test, and throw in an oral close to meets that are strong AF.

@dextermorgan @mnben87

Mast is typically associated with lean gains and will certainly not be dramatic. However it checks all boxes for me… libido enhancer, good mood, hardening effect, and small amount of muscle gain. I’m already as heavy as I want to be so I’m looking for low sides and quality gains now. I just finished 300 test / 300 mast and gained a nice 10 lbs that seems to be mostly holding so far.

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Your current Avatar looks good. I prefer about that body fat percent over the diced and smaller look.

Me too. I prefer to fill out a shirt well and it’s a lot less effort diet wise to stay in the mid to upper teens BF wise.

How does it compare to Anavar as far as lean keepable gains and hardening effect?

bump. really looking forward to the second blast so I’d like to know how long I should cruise before I blast again. as long as the blast? half as long? twice?

EQ over masteron for mass. I’ve run EQ twice both times at 450 for 12 and 14 weeks. It’s really good for strength and lean gains. No water retention. Mast I couldn’t see any difference at all besides a “harder” look until around weeks 8-10 (I ran it at 300 and 400mg/week)Then you’ll look in the mirror and go WTF abs everywhere. I’ve run it 4 times I think. It’s a great libido and mood enhancer but makes me tetchy at the end. Both drop E2 in my opinion so whichever I run again I’ll push my test up higher. I’m thinking a proper primo blast next.

OP. I don’t think there’s any set rule for this if you’re cruising. Personally I only blast once a year depending on the gear. So if you’re running EQ for 14-16 weeks plus 4 weeks bridge plus 4 weeks pct (are you doing anything since you’re cruising?) you’re already at around 24 weeks. I’d wait the same time again. And check bloods… but that’s just me. I also saw your comment about DBol. I’ve never used it but for your goals I’d go Var or Tbol. Less water retention chance. Just my 2c.

I don’t really mind the water retention so dbol does seem tempting. pct wise no you don’t need anything if you cruise after blasting except liver support if you’ve ran an oral in the said blast.

I didn’t run eq I’m just planning the next blast after the first one I finished a week ago which was 10 weeks of 400mg test E.

it would seem that way whilst also being a mild hardener. I’m away to run 50mg proviron beginning tomorrow for the next 4 weeks up to show day. if you access the quote below, in the post furiousgeorge provides cycle examples and I’ve been using the “basic” on for the past 8 weeks.

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300/300 is considered a moderate dose of mast?

300 test and 300 mast… I would say so. For libido boosting in a cycle you can run it a bit lower. I’ve also read that many say 400 is the minimum for results. I did well at the dose mentioned.

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I would do a test bolde cycle or test primo. I wouldn’t touch deca, i don’t like to waste money on additional caber. Anavar maybe for 4 weeks to finish the cycle… Anything else is waste of time and resources.
I would frontload your test doses by 50 pct. The boldenone dose has to be high during the start 700 mg, tapered down, it’s slow.

What are the known sides for mast? DHT sides?