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Second Blast. Ideas?

finished my first blast ever a week ago at 400mg test E and now cruising on 100mg. gained 20lbs in 10 weeks with seemingly zero estrogen issues leaving me with an untouched box of arimidex. currently pandering with what I should be running on my second blast considering how I responded to test.
also considering the oxidative stress gear puts on the body I plan to get away with as many gains at as low doses as possible so I’ve been thinking these kind of cycles;
400 test e 1-16
250 boldenone 1-16
250 deca 1-16
20mg anavar 1-5 (a big maybe. don’t like orals)
400 test e 1-12
250 tren e 4-8
30mg dbol (an ever bigger maybe)
or running the first listed cycle except with boldenone or deca instead of both.
I’m 6’0 at 190lbs after the first blast. haven’t lost the water weight yet. pretty lean

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bump. I’m very indecisive about this.

I don’t like either of the plans you put together. Bold is too low of a dose and deca has some serious ED related risk. Tren is not a newbie drug and should be used in the acetate ester the first time. I like adding ONE new compound to your cycle now that you’ve ran test. You could try Test with a Var finisher for example. Or you could try Test/Bold or Test/Deca. Just read up on the sides of each. If you run Test/Bold I would up the dose on the Bold and run it 14 weeks with the test ran to 16 weeks to allow the Boldenone ester to clear a bit so your are not waiting 2 months to PCT.

man I even mentioned I was blasting and cruising read it all before replying please

what dose should one run boldenone? I mean considering 400mg of test e gains someone new a lot, do I really need to inject a gram of anabolics per week to gain more? I figured running a big dose of 2 compounds would be more taxing on the body than medium doses of 3 compounds.
deca dick wise it’s the sole reason I can’t decide which one to go for. boldenone is said to be weak unless ran high and deca possibly causes ED. tough decision unless someone adds some more input or their own personal experience on each drug.

If it is me, I would run a bit higher test for the second, and for a bit longer since you are B&C. 600 mg test is going to do more than 400 mg (it is far from diminishing returns in these dosages, so the extra 200 will do a bunch, I can post a study if you want that shows this).

I know that infamous study that shows changes in weight in the test subjects in relation to the test dosages they were injected with. you say 200mg won’t be an issue but that’s increasing the dosage of the same drug by %50. the weight difference implied in the study could be increased water weight for all we know.
if I were to run test only again would I gain the similar amount at the same dosage as last time? after all it’s the myostatin that hinders growth after a while in the cycle, not androgen receptor downregulation

Sorry for missing the part about B&C. The point is you’re going from solo Test to multiple compounds. I think you would be better off with two. Running two compounds at their effective dose is better than multiple at an ineffective dose IMO. I ran EQ and didn’t like it. I didn’t get much out of 500mg/wk over just solo test. Some people respond better though. So what is your overall goal here? As much mass as possible or leaner gains?

i would be 500-600 mg Boldenone

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The bigger you get the less you will gain. The pros will take a cycle consisting of 3-5 grams a week, and gain less than they did on their first cycle of 500 mg of test.

The study also indicated that greater fat loss occurred at 600 mg vs 300 mg. I believe they measured lean mass by dexa and hydro static weighing, so I would say at the dosages we are talking about going up 200 mg does increase results.

I’m just trying to put on as much lean mass as possible. the goal is to get big and cruise to maintain what’s left after losing the water and glycogen stores gained from the blast. of course I don’t want to steer clear from water holding compounds just because I want lean mass, definitely don’t mind bloating or the puffy look as long as I don’t run into serious health issues.
the reason I don’t like orals is they’re not compounds for prolonged use. using them as a finisher sounds tempting but kickstart wise I don’t really care since I’m in no hurry for steady gains on the blast. anavar is at the top of the list for lean mass so far if I were to run an oral but dbol is not out of the question as I think the aromatization is anabolic as well if I’m not mistaken

I mean the logic I think I’m adopting without realizing is that while other steroids are synthesized and engineered to target tissue,it seems like those are the ones I should be upping the dose of,instead of test which I think after the first cycle should be run for it’s full estradiol aromitization effects. maybe I’m wrong though, so far from what I heard it seems running deca at high dosage is a higher risk of ED and boldenone doesn’t do as much as test at same dosages. maybe upping the test and adding an oral IS the way to go… I’m honestly more confused than when I started the thread at this point lol.

It seems that the steroids that do a lot seem to have the most negatives with them. If you can run Deca / Tren (19 nors), great. Some run low dosage first time and get ED (even post cycle). EQ is side effect friendly, but isn’t very strong. Primo, Var and Mast are very low side drugs, but are very expensive, faked more often, and need to be run high to get much out of them (I am not sure how side effect friendly 1000 mg of primo is?).

I have only run Test and Var. I did not get much out of Var (could be fake? Did 50 mg a day for 7 weeks). Dbol seems like the risk / reward ratio is pretty good IMO. Running it with high test will most likely require an AI. It is also cheap, and rarely faked.

Would a Test cycle with Dbol added in do as much as Test/Deca? I don’t know. The old school guys seemed to like all three of those drugs for mass.

test,tren,win go for it but use tren A

I guess I’ll go for 600 test and 400 boldenone since it’s considered mild and run dbol as a finisher last 6 weeks at 30mg. deca dick is just too big of a risk. man can only go so far on low dosages…time to man up

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bump that bold to at least 600. Match the test.

Test / EQ is a good combo as EQ seems to not result in much E2 aromitazation. Some say EQ lowers E2 and acts like a mild AI (like Mast). I am not yet convinced of that.

You should see results with that cycle.

My first cycle was 325 mg test, for 13 weeks, and for the last 7 weeks var at 50 mg a day. I am on TRT already, and had a good amount of mass to start with 225 lbs @ 5’10" and ~20-22% bf (I know I am a bit fat, but I powerlift and this cycle was during meet prep). I did not get much out of it TBH (partly because I got the flu bad on my last week, and lost some gains). I will probably keep it simple next cycle and run 600 mg of test. I think it will do a lot more than Test / Var did.

I like this cycle much better. All are fairly friendly compounds. Another favorite of mine that you can run at milder doses and is libido friendly is Masteron. In fact Test and Mast will be the only injectable I’m ever going to run anymore unless I give Primo a shot but I doubt it. Just too costly.

Does Mast do much for building muscle? Compared to EQ? I know it lowers E2 and and provides a libido boost.

I’d be curious to know that as well. I was under the impression it & Proviron were more of a well being enhancer and to help keep some side effects at bay (libido for example).

if you powerlift and blast for a meet your bodyfat is okay but I’d run anadrol if I were to go for strength.

I WOULD indeed like libido support, I lost the libido boost halfway the blast . I was still hornier than before but goddamn the first few weeks of the blast was just me trying not to hit on every girl I see. (even 3/10 ones…)

now I DID forget to ask how long I should cruise for because the blast was 10 weeks. I honestly felt absolutely zero stress on my body except some aggressiveness , back acne and oily skin. should I wait until I drop the glycogen stores and water weight along with the bacne and oily skin? or wait 5 weeks (half of my blast length)?