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Sebastian Burns Seminar

Well, I have been sick as a dog for a week with the flu, but I mustered up enough energy on Saturday to attend Sebastian Burns’ seminar in Cartaret, NJ at Skiba’s Barbell. I was very sick so I could not participate much.

Metal Militia seminars are all hands on it seems. I went to an EFS seminar last summer and it was a lot of lecture for one day and 3 hrs hands on the next day with just the bar. Some guys hit PRs right then and there in the seminar. I tried on a bench shirt for the first time (currently, I am a recreational lifter) and i thought my gord was going to explode when the bar touched my gut.

Talk about pressure! I learned new ways to bench, board press, and rack lockout. Sebastian and his girl, Skiba, and all of the guys there are awesome people. Afterwards we all went out to eat. It was an awesome time. Go to an MM seminar! Any questions on this seminar, just ask me.